Resources for Course Preparation

Syllabus / Course Preparation Resources

The following resources have been assembled to help faculty access critical documents, dates, deadlines and information that is frequently used when developing course syllabi. Faculty should also consult their academic departments for specific departmental policies, deadlines or other requirements for syllabi.

Registrar: myRedDragon Faculty Resources

SUNY Cortland's myRedDragon portal provides access to a complete range of tools for faculty.  Using the Registrar's Resources channel and other channels accessible throughout myRedDragon, you are able to access:

  • Class Lists
  • Class Photo Lists
  • Grading Information and Grade Entry Forms
  • Various Tutorials (eLearning, Grading)
To access these services, log in to myRedDragon, click the Academics tab, then navigate to the Registrar's Faculty Resources channel.
Faculty Services Channel

Important Related Support and Instructional Resources

  • Advisement and Transition
    The Advisement and Transition Office provides services and support to students regarding transition to college, academic planning, major choice, and academic decision-making.  The site features a host of resources and tools for faculty. Additionally, the Advisor Resources channel within myRedDragon provides more data and access to tools.
  • eLearning (Blackboard)
    This site provides access to eLearning information including online tools, tutorials and workshop calendars. Additional eLearning help and information is directly accessible via myRedDragon.
  • Memorial Library
    The Library staff provides an array of services to students and faculty, including research and reference assistance, inter-library loan, and instruction in computer and library information.
  • Student Code of Conduct and Related Policies
    The Code of Conduct describes expectations and policies for students, including information related to academic integrity.
  • Student Disability Services
    Provides information related to services offered, as well as information concerning accessible coursework and materials.
  • The Learning Center
    The Learning Center staff provides academic support to students of all ability and achievement levels, through tutoring in writing, reading, math, time management and study skills.
  • Writing Resource Center
    Describes the Composition and Writing Intensive course policies and provides additional resources and support materials for faculty.

Office Information

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Miller Building Room 203
Phone: 607-753-4702
Fax: 607-753-2959

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8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Office opens at 10 a.m. on Thursdays to accommodate common meetings.

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