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Are visiting students allowed to enroll in any course?

If space permits and the student meets all of the course criteria and pre-requisites, they can generally be permitted to enroll in a course. However, visiting students must meet the same criteria as matriculated students, and all course restrictions that are in place for matriculated students are also in place for visiting students.

Visiting students will not have transfer records or degree programs on file at SUNY Cortland. Therefore, a visiting student may encounter a registration restriction if:

  • the course section is restricted to specific majors, programs, departments or schools at SUNY Cortland. These sections will only be accessible to matriculated students meeting the criteria.
  • the course is restricted to certain levels (e.g.: junior, senior, graduate).
  • the course requires special permission, and the student does not meet department-identified requirements for entry (e.g.: owning particular supplies or having specific experience).
  • the course section is an upper level or graduate level (300-600 level) and the student does not have sufficient undergraduate or graduate experience at the preceding or same level as determined by the course pre-requisites and the department.

Students can contact the offering department if they can show that they have met the criteria for entry. Enrollment permission in these instances is at the discretion of the offering department.

Departments seeking to offer courses that specifically allow visiting students without additional permission, are encouraged to contact the Extended Learning Office (Summer and Winter) or The Registrar's Office (Spring and Fall) for course building options.

Last updated: 3/20/2023