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Email is a campus resource that provides a quick and cost-effective means to communicate and to promote the university's overall mission. Email messages should be used for internal and external communications that serve legitimate university business and must meet professional standards of conduct.

View the SUNY Cortland email policy (PDF).

Email is an important form of communication that enables us to convey SUNY Cortland’s message in a consistent fashion. Common formats have been developed for all individual email addresses and signatures so that we can represent SUNY Cortland in a unified manner and make it easier for people to contact us. When announcing events, please refer to the event announcement template.

When representing yourself as part of the university, the minimal or extended external email signature should be used on every email you send. Day-to-day emails between coworkers can be abbreviated.

Email signature creator

Email signatures

Email signatures should present a unified, professional appearance on official university communications. 

When representing yourself as part of the university, one of the external email signatures should be used on every email you send. Day-to-day emails between coworkers can be abbreviated. Keep it simple and include only essential information. 


  • Colors: Use black letters on a white background; SUNY Cortland may be in red.
  • Confidentiality: The confidentiality note can be included as needed.
  • Fonts: Agenda-Regular, Cortland's primary font, is preferred. It may be downloaded from the Tech Help tab in myRedDragon. Helvetica and Arial are acceptable if Agenda-Regular is unavailable. Decorative or script fonts as well as italic or bold styling should not be used.
  • Gender pronouns: The following gender pronoun preferences may be indicated after your name: she, her, hers; he, him, his; they, them, their.
  • Graphics/logos/photos: Avoid logos, photos or graphics; they increase file size and appear as attachments.
  • Quotes: No quote(s), apart from in the body of a message, should be used in SUNY Cortland email correspondence.
  • Social media: Include social media links in plain text without icons. When including social media links, choose the university's or that of your department, office or center.
  • Taglines and promotional messages: Avoid taglines, promotional messages or quotes; they may be perceived as institution-wide statements. Exceptions may be made in the case of short-term campus-wide initiatives. These messages must be submitted to the Marketing Committee for approval and must include proposed text and/or graphic elements and a plan for distribution and expiration of the promotion. Each initiative must meet brand and editorial style guidelines and have a hard expiration date before being considered.
  • URLs: Only URLs related to your work at SUNY Cortland are permitted; http:// or www. are no longer required.

External signatures

Minimal signature

Robert Smith

Assistant Men's Lacrosse Coach
SUNY Cortland
Athletics Department
Park Center, Room 1212

Any of the following options may be added to the minimal signature.
  • Gender pronouns
  • SUNY Cortland in red
  • Campus mailing address
  • Fax and cell phone numbers
  • Email address
  • URL
  • Social media links
  • Confidentiality Note

Extended signature with all options

Tajik L. Arun M ’10, Ed.D. (he, him, his - optional)
Vice President, Student Affairs
SUNY Cortland
Division of Student Affairs
Corey Union, Room 407-A
P.O. Box 2000
Cortland, NY 13045-0900
O: 607-753-2011 | F: 607-753-9898 | C: 607-753-1234

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Confidentiality note: This email may contain privileged and confidential information that should not be copied or forwarded without consent.


For a step-by-step guide on building your signature, visit the email signature creator.

If you'd like assistance saving the signature in your email client, please email The Help Center or call 607-753-2500.

General questions about email signatures can be addressed by the Marketing Office, 607-753-2519.

Email signature creator

Visit SUNY Cortland's email signature creator to make a preformatted email signature that can be copied to your email application.

Email address format

SUNY Cortland's email address format is or

This format should be used for email addresses that are listed in electronic or printed communications, such as your email signature, syllabus, business card, etc.