Audio/video content that represents SUNY Cortland should be produced and published in a way that reinforces the SUNY Cortland brand. The Policy for Official Video provides instruction on planning and publishing video projects. The Promotional Video Guide provides guidance for content producers on subjects such as accessibility and style.

Summary of policy and procedures

  • Training is suggested for any SUNY Cortland faculty/staff member who will be planning and/or producing a video project. Schedule a training session.
  • All official content must be submitted for review before it can be published, unless the faculty/staff member posting the content has been trained to post without approval.
  • Official content should be distributed through channels affiliated with SUNY Cortland, not through personal channels and accounts.
  • Promotional content should be produced in collaboration with the Marketing Committee.
  • Content that does not meet the definition of official content may need to adhere to certain standards, such as accessibility guidelines and legal requirements.