Fall 2021 Guidance/COVID-19 Information


The university has two official typefaces that can be downloaded for campus use: Agenda (sans-serif) and Utopia (serif). Instructions for accessing them, as well as secondary typefaces and substitutes for applications that do not have them, are below.

Primary typefaces


Agenda is a sans-serif typeface, meaning it has a simpler design without extending flourishes at the end of each letter's strokes.
  • Sans-serif typeface is ideal for subheads, body copy and captions.
  • Agenda may be downloaded from the Tech Help tab in myRedDragon.


  Agenda font display


Utopia is a serif typeface, meaning it has small, decorative features called "serifs" at the end of each letter's strokes.
  • Serif typeface is ideal for headlines, subheads or body copy.
  • To request Utopia, please contact the Marketing Office at 607-753-2519 or marketing@cortland.edu.


 Utopia font display

Secondary typefaces


  • Abolition is used sparingly as an accent font and works well for headlines, subheads, pull-quotes and environmental graphics.
  • Never use Abolition for body copy.
  • Abolition is only for limited use by the Marketing Office.


 Abolition font display

Utopia Caption

  • This option is preferred when using Utopia at smaller point sizes.


Utopia Caption display 

Web replacement options

When using web-based platforms such as Canva, Agenda and Utopia can be replaced with the following:

Open Sans


Open Sans sample

Times Neue Roman


Times Neue Roman sample