The university has two official typefaces that can be downloaded for campus use: Agenda (sans-serif) and Utopia (serif). Instructions for accessing them, as well as secondary typefaces and substitutes for applications that do not have them, are below.

University typefaces must be used on apparel and merchandise ordered by academic departments and offices.

For further assistance with typefaces, please contact the Marketing Office.

Primary typefaces


Agenda is a sans-serif typeface, meaning it has a simpler design without extending flourishes at the end of each letter's strokes.
  • Sans-serif typeface is ideal for subheads, body copy and captions.
  • Agenda may be downloaded from the Tech Help tab in myRedDragon.


  Agenda font display


Utopia is a serif typeface, meaning it has small, decorative features called "serifs" at the end of each letter's strokes.
  • Serif typeface is ideal for headlines, subheads or body copy.
  • To request Utopia, please contact the Marketing Office at 607-753-2519 or


 Utopia font display

Secondary typefaces


  • Abolition is used sparingly as an accent font and works well for headlines, subheads, pull-quotes and environmental graphics.
  • Never use Abolition for body copy.
  • Abolition is only for limited use by the Marketing Office.


 Abolition font display

Utopia Caption

  • This option is preferred when using Utopia at smaller point sizes.


Utopia Caption display 

Replacement options

For internal communications, Calibri can be used as a substitute for Agenda and Times New Roman can replace Utopia.

When using web-based platforms, Agenda and Utopia can be replaced with Open Sans or Times Neue Roman.