SUNY Cortland’s official colors are red and white and should be used in all internal and external materials. Black is included in our primary palette because it appears in the logo.

The color value used depends on the medium:

  • Print: PMS or CMYK
  • Web/digital: RGB or web values

Primary colors

Brand collateral should lean heavily on our primary colors of red, white and black. The primary red should be used in a significant and meaningful way to act as the identifying color of the university.

PMS 186
CMYK 0-100-81-4
RGB 185-16-0
Web #B91000
Paint Benjamin Moore Bonfire 2001-20

PMS White
CMYK 0-0-0-0
RGB 255-255-255
Paint Benjamin Moore Super White OC-152

PMS Black
CMYK 0-0-0-100
RGB 0-0-0
Web #000000

Secondary colors

The secondary colors may not be used in place of the primary colors or become the predominant color for a school, center, institute, department/office or program.

These softer, more muted colors reinforce our brand while complementing the vibrant, saturated red (PMS 186) from our primary palette.

Restraint must be used with secondary colors. It is important to maintain a sense of hierarchy, balance and harmony when using this color palette

PMS 7623
CMYK 0-100-81-54
RGB 135-42-43
Web #8A2A2B
Paint Benjamin Moore Caliente AF-290

PMS Cool Gray 1
CMYK 7-5-4-3
RGB 239-238-237
Paint Benjamin Moore Gray Cloud 2126-60

PMS Cool Gray 8
CMYK 44-36-32-1
RGB 149-150-156
Web #95959C
Paint Benjamin Moore Sweatshirt Gray 2126-40

PMS Warm Gray 1
CMYK 0-2-7-9
RGB 233-227-216
Web #E7E3DB
Paint Benjamin Moore Alaskan Skies 972

PMS 5395
CMYK 91-30-0-82
RGB 4-32-46
Web #04202E
Paint Benjamin Moore Deep Royal 2061-10

Tertiary colors

A palette of warm and energetic tertiary colors also is available. These colors are intended to complement the primary and secondary colors and should be used sparingly. They may not function as the predominant color in any print or digital materials.

The use of the tertiary palette requires approval from the Marketing Office. To receive permission, along with the color values, please email