Logos, Marks and Illustrations

Primary logo

This wordmark is SUNY Cortland’s institutional logo and represents the university in its entirety.

Primary logo Guidelines and downloads  Primary logo Customization

Secondary mark

The secondary mark is a graphic element available for use by the campus community in a variety of applications. Multiple options as well as customized lockups are available.

Secondary mark Guidelines and downloads  Secondary mark Customization

University seal

The university seal is used only for diplomas, legal and official records, transcripts, any other legal agreements binding SUNY Cortland, and for academic or presidential awards, events and communications.

Seal Guidelines and downloads


The badge serves as a stamp of approval on certificates and awards when the university seal is unable to be used.

Badge Guidelines and downloads

Red Dragon illustrations

The Red Dragon illustrations and details are additional images associated with SUNY Cortland’s brand identity system.

Illustrations Guidelines and downloads

Spirit mark

The spirit mark family is the most informal of SUNY Cortland’s brand assets. It aims to build school spirit and inspire pride among current students and alumni.

Spirit mark Guidelines and request