Reflections from NODA Interns

Reflections from NODA Interns

Our NODA Intern plays a vital role on our Orientation staff for the summer. The Advisement and Transition office at SUNY Cortland enjoys the energy and ideas that our intern brings; and our students enjoy working with someone new. This is what our former interns had to say about their experience:

Spending my summer as the NODA intern at Cortland has been incredible. From the moment I met Greg and Marinda in an interview, I had a wonderful feeling about the environment within the Cortland Advisement and Transition Office. That feeling was confirmed, and my expectations were exceeded. The staff was so welcoming, and they were happy to offer help and answer any questions I had. The other offices on campus were equally as wonderful and all were happy to help introduce campus resources during the Orientation Assistant training period. The students themselves really made my summer and reinforced my decision to work in the field of student affairs. I cannot wait to see what all these fabulous young people go on to accomplish. If you are debating a NODA internship, or any other position at Cortland, I highly recommend you apply
- Rebecca, 2022 NODA Intern

"I am incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to serve as a NODA intern at SUNY Cortland. The moment I stepped on campus, I felt like I was home. The entire Advisement and Transition office, as well as the campus community, was so kind and welcoming, and I felt so supported as a new staff member. This summer has been one of the most valuable professional experiences I’ve ever had, and one of the most fun experiences too. The mentorship I received from my supervisors and fellow professional staff members was invaluable, and the experience I had as an Orientation Assistant Supervisor allowed me to grow professionally in ways I hadn’t anticipated. I was able to build on a variety of leadership skills, such as public speaking, conflict resolution, delegation, and mentorship. I was allowed autonomy as an intern while also being guided and supported by my supervisors and coworkers, which really allowed me to learn and grow so much as a professional. Overall, this summer has allowed me to build greater confidence in myself and my ability to lead, and has affirmed my passion for student affairs. I absolutely loved my time here, and I am so grateful for the memories and friendships that I was able to make. If you’re interested in NODA, please include Cortland in your applications, I promise it will be one of the best experiences!"
- Kelsey, 2021 NODA Intern

"If I were to describe my summer NODA Internship at SUNY Cortland in three words, it would be amazing, remarkable, and memorable. The Advisement and Transition staff welcomed me with open arms, and we were able to adapt to the global climate with what seemed like ease. I was treated as a professional and I was able to grow as such during my time there. The Orientation Assistants were excellent student leaders on campus and I am grateful to think that I helped them this summer during training. There was so much passion and excitement in the entire team that I knew we could overcome any challenges that might have been thrown our way. This summer reminded me why I wanted to go into the higher education field and all the amazing things can be done for students. It is such a fantastic experience that I would suggest taking to anyone looking for the best summer NODA internship ever!"
- Graham, 2020 NODA Intern

"I absolutely loved my summer as the NODA intern in the Advisement & Transition (A&T) Office. As part of this experience, I had the opportunity to train and supervise 23 Orientation Assistants (OAs). This role as the OAs’ direct supervisor really allowed me to work on my skills in the NASPA/ACPA competency areas, especially in Advising and Supporting; Leadership; and Assessment, Evaluation, and Research. I was faced with many unforeseen situations (as anyone who has ever lived through an orientation will know), but the support from my coworkers- particularly my supervisor, Marinda- helped me push through to see the lessons in the challenges. I have greatly enjoyed my time here and I’m sad to leave. I have loved SUNY Cortland’s sense of community, not just in the A&T office, but across campus. As part of this community I was able to work with various offices that I had previously known little about. I am profoundly grateful to have had the opportunity to watch 23 individuals learn, grow, and become independent leaders. This summer is truly a memory I will cherish and keep with me always."
- Annabelle, 2019 NODA Intern

"While I had many summer internship opportunities this summer, I believe choosing to be the Orientation Assistant Supervisor at SUNY Cortland was the smartest decision I could have made. I enjoyed working with the orientation assistants as well as the Advising and Transition office. I was scared to supervise, train, and mentor, and guide 24 orientation assistants but everything ended up working out perfectly fine. This internship offers many professional and personal development opportunities which I truly appreciated. Everyone was willing to trust the process and grow as a unit. I loved how welcoming and inclusive everyone was. I may have been a long way from home (I am from California) but I felt as if I was home the whole time. I would recommend this internship a thousand times over. You definitely get a rich and unforgettable experience."
- Cassandra, 2018 NODA Intern

"My experience at SUNY Cortland with the Advisement and Transition team this summer was nothing short of amazing. Everyone on staff was helpful and made me as the NODA Intern feel like part of the staff right away! Through this experience I was able to be a part of nearly all aspects of Orientation, including planning and personalizing the OA training, supervising 23 Orientation Assistants, being a liaison to other SUNY Cortland departments and serving as a valued member of the Advisement and Transition team. Throughout the summer I was able to really hone my supervisory skills, while receiving the support and encouragement I needed from the rest of the professional staff. The Orientation Assistants brought so much passion and excitement to their positions this summer, which made going to training and orientation each day so enjoyable! I learned so much from the Orientation Assistants through developing relationships with them and I am so grateful for the Orientation Assistants and rest of the Advisement and Transition staff for creating such a fantastic summer experience that I will remember for the rest of my professional career in the field of higher education!"
- Emily, 2017 NODA Intern

"My summer at SUNY Cortland was nothing short of remarkable. The NODA intern is not treated as an intern. In fact, I felt like a valued professional on campus the moment I stepped through the front door of the Advisement and Transition Office. Not only is the NODA position more thorough and hands on than other NODA positions at other institutions, but this NODA position offers quality experience needed for young professionals who are about to enter the professional world. I will be forever grateful to my supervisors and colleagues who gave me this opportunity to work with 24 amazing student leaders. The students challenged me to be great every day, and their enthusiasm for SUNY Cortland made my time enjoyable and meaningful. I felt as though I became a community member at SUNY Cortland right away and working with various campus partners developed my professional relationship building. The atmosphere is vibrant, the personnel are amazing, and I will have countless talking points and insight because of this experience. Go Red Dragons."
- Braden, 2016 NODA Intern

"It is incredibly hard to even put into words how absolutely amazing my summer was being the NODA intern for SUNY Cortland. From start to finish I was learning, experiencing, developing and gaining insight about orientation with an approach that was very hands on. I had the ability to be creative and innovative with all that I wanted to incorporate into the orientation experience for first year students and transfer students entering SUNY Cortland; but I also had the amazing opportunity to work alongside seasoned professionals in the advisement and transition office who are incredible mentors and wonderful colleagues. To top off an incomparable learning experience I was fortunate enough to supervise 23 of the most amazing student leaders that came to the table with skills and abilities that aided to an amazing orientation experience for both myself and the entering students. I was able to become more comfortable in the supervisor role while also gaining the ability to time manage, professionally develop student staff, work in the high paced environment of orientation while maintaining self-care, and become familiar with and adjusted to the orientation and first year experience field. Undeniably this position has been one of the most impactful experiences of my student affairs career and has helped me to solidify my desire and passion to work in the higher education field. I honestly will never forget this summer for all I have learned, the people I have met, and the work I have accomplished!"
Jennifer, 2015 NODA Intern

"My summer at SUNY Cortland working with the Advisement and Transition staff was hands down one of the best summers of my life. From day one, the professional staff welcomed me to the department and supported me every step of the way as I planned and prepared for the Orientation Assistants to arrive. Supervising the 24 OAs changed my life and was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. Watching them each grow and develop throughout the summer during training and the program was truly remarkable. I learned so much about my own supervision style and the department constantly provided me with new opportunities and challenges to further develop as a young professional. I will forever cherish this experience as I move forward in the field of higher education and am walking away having learned so much more than I ever could have expected. Thank you to the staff and students for an unforgettable summer and amazing NODA experience!"
- Megan, 2013 NODA Intern

"The summer I spent interning at SUNY Cortland far exceeded any expectations I had before the summer began. I was warmly welcomed by the Advisement and Transition staff who modeled excellence in the field of student affairs; I worked with phenomenal student leaders who strove to produce an exceptional orientation experience for each incoming student; I was handed opportunities to stretch myself as a professional and a leader. It was an incredibly fun summer and an experience that has played a large role in preparing me for and directing me toward my future career."
Suzanne, 2011 NODA Intern 

"My NODA Internship with SUNY Cortland challenged and excited me every day.  I worked closely with the Advisement and Transition office and with many different university offices.  At SUNY Cortland, I was able to grow in a supportive environment, make amazing connections, and learn what it's like to work in a place that is student focused and growth oriented.  I loved training the Orientation Assistants and watching them develop into the true leaders of campus.  The whole experience put me in the mix of an amazing orientation program.  Being a NODA Intern at SUNY Cortland changed me on many professional and personal levels."
- Jason, 2010 NODA Intern  

"The summer that I spent in Cortland was, by far, one of the best in my life…I didn’t think that any experience could match orientation at my alma mater but this one far surpassed all of my expectations. The Advisement & Transition office staff as well as everyone I interacted with on campus welcomed me warmly from day one and continued to offer help, support, and fun throughout my time in Cortland. Supervising the Orientation Assistants was one of (if not THE) most rewarding experience I have ever had: I got to plan all of their training, team building activities, debriefing meetings, and watch them grow as leaders over the course of the summer. I was absolutely never bored and there is literally not a single memory from Cortland that I do not treasure. I learned so much about supervision and orientation in higher education, SUNY Cortland Orientation is everything that a graduate student would ever want from a NODA Experience."
- Sarah, 2009 NODA Intern

"My experience at SUNY Cortland was one of the most rewarding and energizing experiences I have had in student affairs. I had the opportunity to work with an incredibly supportive professional staff and an amazing orientation assistant staff. Everyone involved in my internship experience, including faculty and staff in other departments, made me feel right at home. My NODA experience allowed me to supervise a student staff, coordinate training, learn about orientation and the advising process, and most importantly...have fun! I will always remember my experience at SUNY Cortland as a great learning experience and an amazing personal and professional opportunity."
- Justin, 2007 NODA Intern

"My experience as the NODA Intern at SUNY-Cortland was more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. Everyone in the office was supportive and helpful, providing for a smooth transition into the program. I was given the opportunity to bring my own ideas and experiences to the table and allowed to put my own mark on things. In comparing my experience to the experiences of other members of my cohort at other institutions, I can say that my time at SUNY-Cortland was absolutely a valid professional experience. It is without a doubt that I say that my time at Cortland helped me grow as a professional, provided me insight into the Higher Education field, and, more than anything, was down right fun. I had a blast and learned much more than I ever expected to, and I would whole heartedly recommend the experience to anyone else."
- Kelly Jo, 2006 NODA Intern

"Without a doubt I can say that working in Advisement and Transition at SUNY Cortland was one of the best experiences I have had so far as a professional. I was able to experience so many different aspects of orientation and college life in general. To this day I find myself talking about my experiences there - just last week I talked about the importance of overnight orientation. Cudos to the staff and students that made my summer in Cortland, NY one of the best yet!
- Carrie, 2005 NODA Intern

"My internship at Cortland was amazing! I enjoyed working with a really passionate group of students and learning the ins and outs of planning my own training and development curriculum. Interns there are lucky to get to work with an amazing group of professionals, who have continued to check in with me and provide guidance since I have left. In addition, it has provided me with contacts outside of orientation. This year alone, I have run into two housing professionals at state and regional conferences that I worked with during my time at SUNY Cortland."
- Dawn, 2004 NODA Intern

"My internship at SUNY Cortland provided me with a breadth of opportunities, ranging from the creation of a student-staff training program and staff supervision to involvement with Campus Activities and academic departments. The Orientation team, ranging from students to director-level management, welcomed me with open arms and worked tirelessly to make my experience the best it could be."
- Brad, 2003 NODA internship