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Fall 2020 Poster Symposium

Fall 2020 COR 101 Poster Symposium

Each year, COR 101 student leaders share their work with the campus community in our annual 'Poster Symposium' event. During the Fall 2020 semester, poster projects were shared digitally in response to campus wide instructional changes, in an effort to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Please take some time to review the hard work put in by our incredible student leaders. Each student listed below created their own lesson as a part of their work in COR 101. They have reflected on this work, and shared the process of creating and executing the lesson with you.

Thank you for taking the time to support our student leaders. Please fill out a feedback form for any student you like to provide further feedback to. You can also use this form to nominate a poster project for additional recognition. Feedback may be submitted for multiple students as well.

Fall 2020

Cassandra Acosta - Stress Less for Success

Walid Akari - End of the Year Stress

Dylan Bartlett - Interacting with your Professors

Samantha Battista - Lost Time is Never Found Again

Nyssa Bell - COR 101 College Etiquette

Kelsey Bliss - Is Speech Path(ology) the Path for You?

Kyle Bonilla - New Home, Who Dis?

Adrian Cabreja - Racism Exposure

DJ Caloia - Cortland Takes on Coronavirus!

Rodrigo Campos

Nina Carnazza - Nothing But Time

Emily Carpio - Students Study for Grades, Scholars Study for Success

Emma Carrol - Scheduling, DegreeWorks...and the rest is History

Payton Charles - Mental Health in College Students

Anissa Cherubini - SUNY Cortland's Fraternities and Sororities

Jaylen Chicaway - Making Every Minute Count

Kaitlyn Cinelli - Alcohol Free is the Way to Be

Mia Communale - Learn, Study and Succeed

Nikki Coutsouros - Standing By? Be an Active Bystander

Rose Dara - Keep Calm and Destress

Emily de la Fuente - Study and Note Taking Skills

Erin Decker - Academic Resources

Sybele Delacruz - Let's Get Professional with the Higher Up

Alyssa Dubois - Time is more Valuable than Money

Marissa Durso - Making safe choices: The Dangers of Drugs and Alcohol

Arianna Escobar - College 101: Partying, Alcohol and Drugs - How to Stay Safe in your Home Away from Home

Kara Feigenbaum - All About Title IX

Catherine Fleming - Registration

Carolyn Gardocki - Cortland without COVID

Riley Gerber - Lifting Things Up and Putting Them Down - The Benefits of Consistent Exercise

Emily Gillen - Time's a Tickin'

Michael Heras - Guide to Academic Success

Jaime Hopkins - The Bad News is Time Flies; The Good News is Your the Pilot

Hannah James - The Balancing Act of Life

Marissa Jasinski - Keys to Academic Success: Personalized Study Strategies & Utilizing Campus Resources

Alana Jock - If You're Looking for a Sign to Get Involved, Here it is!

Fall 2020

Miranda Kistner - The Diversity Among Us

Patrick Konarski - Getting Things Done

Olivia Langdon - Zen Den: Ways to Relieve Stress

Wendi Lee - Do You Really Need it?

Skylar Locke - Bee Mindful of Mental Health

Janeice Lopez - How Well do you Know Yourself as a Student?

Marianne Lopez - Diversity Starts with You

Abigail Madigan - Break the Stigma

Daria Majkrzak - Time is Ticking Away

Marguerita Malone - Positive Thinking

Hara McCandless - Self Motivation, Personal Responsibility, and Goal Setting

Danielle McGovern - Let's Get These A's

Matthew Milano - Don't Live Under a Rock

Connor Nial - Preparing for Finals

Melissa O'Leary - Vote Vote Vote

Alexandra Olivo - Allie's College Survival Guide

Christina Ragusa - I Can't, I Have to Study

Maddy Ramos - One Mile at a Time: Study Abroad

Roisin Ross - Staying Safe and Out of Trouble

Melina Roussos - Come Travel with Me

Sabrina Ruckel - The Climb to Success

Arden Scales - Time Management & Study Skills

Jessica Schaechinger - What You Should be Doing! Habits to form Freshman Year of College

Dana Schimmenti - Health is Wealth

Melanie Siegelson - Stay Safe, Stay Health, Stay Well

Amanda Strauss - Time Management: Balancing All Areas of Life

Shelby Suarez - Stay Motivated!

Julia Swierupski - Time Management

Kristen Targove - Leave your Stressed Mess at the Door: Strategies to Help Destress and get Ready for Finals!

Alexandra Thompson - Home Sweet Home: The Transition to Learning at Home

Dylan Turner - Positive vs. Negative Thinker

Victoria Van Every - On Writing, Citing, & Plagiarism

Valerie Velardi - The Dreaded Registration Day

Alexis Vitti - Discover Wellness

Avery Weinstein - Into the Unknown as a Teacher and a Coronavirus College Student

Nicole Wise - Spring into Registration