Curriculum Actions 2006 - 2007

(July 1 - June 30)

The following curriculum actions have been approved at our campus level. Some programs are currently at SUNY System, while others are at the State Education Department for review or have been fully approved and officially registered.

New Programs

  • B.F.A. in Studio Art (Completed)
  • B.S. in Outdoor Recreation (Completed)
  • B.S. in Recreation Management (Completed)
  • B.S. in Therapeutic Recreation (Completed)
  • M.S. in Athletic Leadership (Letter of Intent at SUNY System)
  • M.S. in Community Health (Completed)
  • M.S. in Communication Disorders (Letter of Intent at SUNY System)
  • M.S. in International Sport Management (Proposal forthcoming to SUNY System)

Alteration of Existing Programs

(* designates necessary SUNY and SED Approval)

  • * B.S. in Childhood Education (Grade 1-6) (SED Approved 6/07)
  • * B.S. in Early Childhood Education (Birth-Grade 2) (SED Approved 6/07)
  • * B.S. in Childhood/Early Childhood Education (Birth-Grade 6) (SED Approved 6/07)
  • * M.S.Ed. in Physical Education, Addition of Coaching Pedagogy Concentration (completed)
  • Major in Anthropology with concentrations in: Applied Archeology[ANT/APPL], Americas Archeology/World Archeology [ANT/AARC; ANT/WARC], Ethnic Studies [ANT/ETHS]
  • Computer Applications [CAP], addition of PSY/CAP 403 to Category 5, Alteration of Minor
  • Biomedical Sciences [BS_BMS], addition to electives
  • Exercise Science & Sport Studies [KIN:EXSCI, KIN:FIT, ATR], Alteration of Program Requirements
  • Mathematics Graduate Program [MSEd_MAT], Change in Requirements
  • Major in Psychology [BA/BS_PSY ], addition of PSY 435 to Group IV offerings in the major

New Courses

  • ARA 202 Intermediate Arabic II
  • AAS 468 African-American Sport History
  • ECE 334 Infant and Toddler Curriculum
  • EDU 303 Fine Arts and Early Learning
  • EDU 315 Critical Media Literacy:  Values, Education and Society
  • EDU 378 The Social and Academic Curriculum I
  • EDU 379 Inquiry into Curriculum, Technology and Teaching
  • EDU 479 Integrated Curriculum Planning, Technology and Practicum
  • EDU 480 The Social and Academic Curriculum II
  • EDU 548/EST 548 The Adirondack Classroom
  • EXS 201 Statistical Applications in Exercise Science
  • FSA 550 Education Institute in Western Belize
  • HIS 523 Issues in History of the American West
  • HIS 525 Issues in the United States Civil War
  • HIS 635 Historiography of the American Revolution
  • PED 525 The Use of Curriculum Models for Physical Education
  • PSY 403/CAP 403 Applied Data Analysis w/SPSS
  • PSY 435 Health Psychology
  • PWR 425 The Publishing Industry
  • REC 676 Wilderness Leadership Education
  • SAB 550 Education Institute in Western Belize
  • SAB 676 International Wilderness Leadership Education
  • SPM 100 Introduction to Computer Applications - Sport Management

Alteration of Existing Courses

  • ECO 301 Economics of the Firm (revised course description)
  • EXS 468 African-American Sport History (will be cross referenced with AAS 468)
  • PED 308 Outdoor Adventure Education for Teachers (revised course description)
  • PED 525 Fitness Programming and Curriculum for Schools (changed course number from 625 and revised course description)
  • PED 526 Fitness Programming and Curriculum for Schools (changed course number from 626 and revised course description)
  • PWR 209 Writing in Cyberspace I (changed title to Writing in the Digital Age)
  • PWR 212 Writing Fiction (removal of pre-requisite of ENG 200 or 202)
  • PWR 213 Writing Poetry (removal of pre-requisite of ENG 203)
  • PWR 413 Contemporary Poetics (change of pre-requisite)

Minor-Minor Changes

(change from S, U grade to standard letter grade)

  • ATR 233 Field Experience in Athletic Training I
  • ATR 333 Field Experience in Athletic Training II
  • ATR 334 Field Experience in Athletic Training III
  • ATR 433 Field Experience in Athletic Training IV
  • ATR 434 Field Experience in Athletic Training V
  • ENG 417 The Romantic Age in American Literature
  • ENG 418 Realism and Naturalism in American Literature
  • ENG 419 American Fiction of the Twenties and Thirties
  • ENG 423 American Fiction Since 1940
  • PED 611 Research in Physical Education and Recreation

Elimination of Existing Concentrations

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