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Authors 2020–2023

Geoff Bender, Photography's Materialities: Transatlantic Photographic Practices over the Long Nineteenth Century, Leuven University Press, 2021.

Tyler Bradway, Queer Kinship: Race, Sex, Belonging, Form, Duke University Press, 2022.

Anna Curtis, Dangerous Masculinity: Fatherhood, Race, and Security Inside America's Prisons, Rugers University Press, 2019.

Charles DeMotte, James T. Farrell and Baseball: Dreams and Realism on Chicago's South Side, University of Nebraska Press, 2019.

Moataz Emam, Covariant Physics: From Classical Mechanics to General Relativity and Beyond, Oxford University Press, 2021.

Andy Fitz-Gibbon & Jane Fitz-Gibbon, Pragmatic Nonviolence: Working Toward a Better World, Leiden: Rodopi/Brill, 2021.

Andy Fitz-Gibbon & Jane Fitz-Gibbon, A New Way of Living, Philadelphia: Xlibris, 2022.

Dan Harms, The Book of Four Occult Philosophers: Three Centuries of Incantations, Charms, and Ritual Magic, Woodbury, MN: Llewellyn Publications, 2023.

Dan Harms, Witch Bottles: History, Culture, Magic, London: Avalonia, 2022.

Caroline Kaltefleiter, Smash the System: Punk Anarchism As a Culture of Resistance, Active Distribution: Bristol, UK, 2022.

Nancy Kane, History and Philosophy of Physical Education & Sport, Cognella, 2020.

Christina Knopf, Politics in the Gutters: American Politicians and Elections in Comic Book Media, University Press of Mississippi, 2021.

Peter McGinnis, Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise (4th Edition), Human Kinetics, 2020.

Scott Moranda, Ecologies of Socialism: Germany, Nature and the Left in History, Politics, and Culture, Peter Lang, 2019.

Mecke Nagel, Ludic Ubuntu Ethics: Decolonizing Justice, Routledge, 2023.

Mecke Nagel, Contesting Carceral Logic: Towards Abolitionist Futures, Routledge, 2022.

Biru Paul, Empowering Economic Growth for Bangladesh, University Press Limited, 2019.

Robert Spitzer, The Gun Dilemma: How History is Against Expanded Gun Rights, Oxford University Press, 2023.

Sharon Steadman, No Place Like Home: Ancient Near Eastern Houses and Households, Archaeopress, 2022.

Sharon Steadman, The Archaeology of Anatolia Volume IV: Recent Discoveries (2018-2020), Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2021.

Sharon Steadman, The Archaeology of Anatolia Volume III: Recent Discoveries (2017-2018), Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2019.

Bekeh Ukelina, Who Owns Africa: Neocolonialism, Investment and the New Scramble, Leuven University Press, 2022.

Donna West, Narrative as Dialectic Abduction, Springer-Verlag, 2022.

Ben Wilson, Care, Climate, and Debt: Transdisciplinary Problems and Possibilities, Palgrave, 2022.

Tiantian Zheng, Violent Intimacy: Family Harmony, State Stability, and Intimate Partner Violence in Post-socialist China, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc., 2022.

Authors 2019

Brian Barrett Knowledge, Curriculum and Equity, Author(s):  Brian Barrett, Ursula Hoadley (University of Cape Town, South Africa) & John Morgan (University of Auckland, New Zealand), Publisher:  Routledge

John Sheehan A Global History of Relocation in Counterinsurgency Warfare. Ed Erikson, Editor
Chapter:  Methods of Barbarism, The Boer War, Publisher: UK: Bloomsbury

Jane Hall Fitz-Gibbon Corporal Punishment, Religion, and United States Public Schools, Publisher: Palgrave MacMillan

Andrew Fitz-Gibbon & Jane Hall Fitz Gibbon Nurturing Strangers: Strategies for Re-Parenting Children in Foster Care, Publisher: Routledge

Thomas Hischak The Woody Allen Encyclopedia, Publisher:  Rowman & Littlefield, Lanhan, MD

Thomas Hischak The 100 Greatest American and British Animated Films, Publisher:  Rowman & Littlefield, Lanhan, MD

Lewis Rosengarten Jazz Strides, Publisher: Kendall Hunt

Paul Arras The Lonely Nineties: Visions of Community on Contemporary US Television, Publisher: Palgrave MacMillan

Robert Spitzer We the People:  Essentials 12th edition, Publisher:  WW Norton

Authors 2018

Paul Arras, The Lonely Nineties: Visions of Community on Contemporary U.S. Television, Palgrave MacMillan, 2018.

Timothy Baroni Mushrooms of the Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada, Timber Press, 2017

Brian Barrett, Ursula Hoadley, John Morgan, eds., Knowledge, Curriculum and Equity: Social Realist Perspectives, Routledge, 2018.

Andrew Fitz-Gibbon and Jane Hall Fitz-Gibbon, Nurturing Strangers: Strategies for Re-Parenting Children in Foster Care, Routledge, 2018.

Jane Hall Fitz-Gibbon, Corporal Punishment, Religion, and United States Public Schools, Palgrave MacMillan, 2017.

Thomas Hischak, The Woody Allen Encyclopedia, Rowman & Littlefield, 2018.
---. The 100 Greatest American and British Animated Films, Rowman & Littlefield, 2018.

Lewis Rosengarten, Jazz Strides, Kendall Hunt, 2018.

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Andrea Campbell, Benjamin Ginsberg, Theodore Lowi, Robert Spitzer, Caroline Tolbert, Margaret Weir, We the People: An Introduction to American Politics (Essentials 12th Edition), W.W. Norton & Company, 2019.

Authors 2017

Alexandru Balas, Gary Goertz, Paul Diehl, The Puzzle of Peace. The Evolution of Peace in the International System, Oxford University Press, 2016

Andrew Fitz-Gibbon, Talking to Terrorists, Non-Violence and Counter-Terrorism: Lessons for Gaza from Northern Ireland, Palgrave MacMillan, 2016

Jane Hall Fitz-Gibbon and Andrew Fitz-Gibbon, Welcoming Strangers: Loving Nonviolent Re-parenting of Children in Foster Care, Transaction Publishers, 2016

David LaRocca, ed., The Philosophy of Documentary Film: Image, Sound, Fiction, Truth, Rowman and Littlefield, 2017

David LaRocca, ed., The Bloomsbury Anthology of Transcendental Thought: From Antiquity to the Anthropocene, Bloomsbury, 2017

Noralyn Masselink, Emerging from Dread, Kelsay Books, 2016; Once Upon a Rhyme (or Not?), The Lives You Touch Publications, 2016

Robert J. Spitzer, The Gun Debate: An Encyclopedia of Gun Rights and Gun Control in the U.S., Grey House, 2016; Guns across America: Reconciling Gun Rules and Rights (paperback edition), Oxford University Press, 2017

Jennifer C. Ross and Sharon R. Steadman, Ancient Complex Societies, Routledge, 2016

Donna E. West, Consensus on Peirce’s Concept of Habit: Before and Beyond Consciousness,  Springer-Verlag, 2016

Tiantian Zheng, Cultural Politics of Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Asia, University of Hawaii Press, 2016; Sex Workers and Criminalization in North America and China: Ethical and Legal Issues in Exclusionary Regimes, Springer, 2016

Authors 2016

Scott Anderson, Auburn New York: The Entrepreneurs’ Frontier, Syracuse University Press, 2015

Marah John and Seth Asumah, Africana Studies: Beyond Race, Class and Culture, Kendall Hunt Publishing Co., 2015

Mark Dodds, Sports Leadership: A Concise Reference Guide, Mission Bell Media, 2015

Fairlie Firari, WORD, Becoming that Confident Speaker, Kendall-Hunt, 2015

Daniel Harms, James R. Clark and Joseph H. Peterson, The Book of Oberon: A Sourcebook of Elizabethan Magic, Llewellyn, 2015

Thomas Hischak, The Encyclopedia of Film Composers, Scarecrow Press, 2015

John C. Wilson and Thomas Hischak, Noel, Talulah, Cole and Me: A Memoir of Broadway’s Golden Age by John C. Wilson, Rowman & Littlefield, 2015

David Kilpatrick, Essentials of Assessing, Preventing, and Overcoming Difficulties, Wiley & Sons, 2015

Noralyn Masselink, Song of My Breast, The Lives You Touch Publications

John Sheehan and Keith Millman, The Immortal Imagination: The 22nd North Carolina Infantry Regiment in War and Peace, M.T. Publishers, 2015

Robert Spitzer, The Politics of Gun Control, Paradigm Publishers, 2014

Sharon Steadman, The Archaeology of Anatolia: Recent Discoveries, Volume I, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015; Archaeology of Domestic Architecture and the Human Use of Space, Left Coast Press, 2015; The Oxford Handbook of Ancient Anatolia, Oxford University Press (revised 2016)

Tiantian Zheng, Tongzhi Living: Men Attracted to Men in Postsocialist China, University of Minnesota Press, 2015

Authors 2015

Seth N. Asumah and Mechthild Nagel, Diversity, Social Justice and Inclusive Excellence: Transdisciplinary and Global Perspectives, SUNY Press, 2014

Alexandru Balas and Paul Diehl, Peace Operations (2nd Edition), Polity Press, 2014

Editors: Brian Barrett and Elizabeth Rata, Knowledge and the Future of the Curriculum: International Studies in Social Realism, Palgrave Macmillian, 2014

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Benjamin J. Lovett, Testing Accommodations for Students with Disabilities: Research-Based Practice, American Psychological Association, 2015

Editors: Catherine Porter (Emerita) and Sandra Bermann, A Companion to Translation Studies, Wiley-Blackwell, 2014

Luc Boltanski; Catherine Porter (Emerita), Translator, Mysteries and Conspiracies, 2014

John Sheehan, The Creature with Ideas and Power, Cognella, 2015

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Editor: Scott D. Stull, From West to East: Current Approaches to Medieval Archaeology, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014

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Authors 2014

Editors: Judy K. C. Bentley, Anthony Nocella, Colin Salter, Animals and War: Confronting the Military-Animal-Industrial Complex, Lexington Books, 2013

Charles DeMotte, Baseball & American Society, Cognella Academic Publishing, 2014

Editors: Ann M. Oberhauser and Ibipo Johnston-Anumonwo, Global Perspectives on Gender and Space: Engaging Feminism and Development, Routledge (London and New York), 2014

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Peter M. McGinnis, Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise (3rd edition), Human Kinetics, 2013

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Editors: Mechthild Nagel and Anthony Nocella, The End of Prisons, Rodopi, 2013

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Christopher I. Xenakis, World Politics and the American Quest for Super-Villains, Demons, and Bad Guys to Destroy, Cognella Academic Publishing, 2014 

Tiantian Zheng, Ethical Research with Sex Workers: Anthropological Approaches, Springer, 2013

Authors 2013

Lynn Anderson and Linda Heyne, Therapeutic Recreation Practice: A Strengths Approach, Venture Publishing, Inc., 2012

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Authors 2012

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Authors 2011

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Authors 2010

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