Faculty and Staff Activities

In Memoriam

Teresa Smith, an administrative assistant in the Modern Languages Department, died on May 26, 2023.

Zachary Wilson

Zachary Wilson, Advisement and Transition, was awarded the New York State Transfer and Articulation Association’s (NYSTAA) New Professional Award at their annual conference on May 24 in Rochester, N.Y. The New Professional Award was established to recognize the service of new members to NYSTAA. It recognizes the enthusiasm of new members to become involved with the organization and promotes continued service. Wilson, who is the university’s transfer mobility advisor, is the co-chair of the NYSTAA Scholarship Committee and has assisted in raising thousands of dollars in scholarships for students at member schools.

Deborah Seipp

Deborah Seipp, a Fall 2022 graduate international student from the German Sport University in Cologne, lectured in a spring 2022 physical education class on the European sport of team handball. In April she traveled with the new men’s handball team and several women, who joined the Ohio States women’s team, to the 2023 USA Team Handball Collegiate National Championships in Ohio, where she coached the team and also competed herself. Seipp personally captured the Top Scorer Award, the All-American All-Star Team Award and the USATH Academic All-Americans 2022-2023 Award for academic performance.

Tiantian Zheng

Tiantian Zheng, Sociology/Anthropology Department, organized three conference panels. “How Should We Understand and Address Gender Based Violence Around the World,” was for the May 11 SUNY Graduate Research Conference. “Asian Queer Studies: A Critique of Euro-America Centric Queer Studies,” was for the annual conference of the Association of Asian Studies, held March 17 in Boston. “Dynamic Culture Issues in Global China” was organized for the New York Association of Asian Studies held Oct. 8, 2022, at Syracuse University.


Alex Vizgaitis

Alex Vizgaitis, Psychology Department, recently had an article titled “Self-Reported ADHD Symptoms: Evidence for Cautious Use in an Assessment-Seeking Sample” published in the Journal of Attention Disorders.

Samantha Moss

Samantha Moss, Kinesiology Department, had an article titled “Overweight/obesity and socio-demographic disparities in children’s motor and cognitive function” published in May in the Frontiers of Psychology. The article was co-authored by Xiaoxia Zhang, Priscila Tamplain and Xiangli Gu.

Rhiannon Maton

Rhiannon Maton, Foundations and Social Advocacy Department, recently had her interview with Laval University faculty member Nat Nesvaderani published in the journal Spectre. The article is titled “'We Won!': University Professors Strike in Quebec City.” 

Tiantian Zheng

Tiantian Zheng, Sociology/Anthropology Department, was invited by Syracuse University in March and May and Case Western University in January to deliver three campuswide talks: two book talks on Tongzhi Living, and another talk on “Undertaking Sensitive Fieldwork” for Syracuse University in May. 

Evan Faulkenbury

Evan Faulkenbury, History Department, co-edited a book titled Teaching Public History that was recently published by UNC Press. 

Kenneth A. Cohen

Kenneth A. Cohen, Recreation, Parks and Leisure Studies Department, was featured in WalletHub's recent article “2023’s Best Summer Travel Destinations.” The article by Adam McCann, financial writer, was published May 16.