Faculty and Staff Activities

Alexis Blavos

Alexis Blavos, Health Department, received a presidential citation from the Society for Public Health Education. In addition, she presented her research at its 2023 annual conference held March 22 to 24 in Atlanta.

Jeffrey Radloff and Dominick Fantacone

Jeffrey Radloff, Childhood and Early Childhood Education Department, and Dominick Fantacone, Research and Sponsored Programs Office, had their article, “Exploring Secondary Master STEM Teachers’ Tensions with Transitioning to Emergency Remote Teaching,” published in January in Technology, Knowledge and Learning.

Jordan Kobritz

Jordan Kobritz, Sport Management Department, wrote an article for the Concussion Litigation Reporter commenting on the proposed settlement of the NFL concussion lawsuit. The title of the article is “Plaintiffs Had Little Choice but to Take the Deal Offered by the NFL.”

Melissa A. Morris

Melissa A. Morris, Physics Department, gave an invited talk titled “Phyllosilicate Emission from Protoplanetary Disks. Is the Indirect Detection of Extrasolar Water Possible?” at Cornell University in early December. Also, she submitted a paper to The Astrophysical Journal Letters titled “New Insight into the Solar System’s Transition Disk Phase Provided by the Metal-rich Carbonaceous Chondrite Isheyevo.” Morris travelled to Salt Lake City, Utah, for three days in December for in-depth planetarium training, and to Arizona State University (ASU) from Jan. 8-10 to participate in an international conference that she helped organize. The conference was titled “AstroRecon 2015, Conference on Spacecraft Reconnaissance of Asteroid and Comet Interiors.” While at ASU, she met with fellow NASA grant collaborators and conducted experiments on meteoritic material, which will be reported in upcoming publications and future grant proposals. Most recently, Morris coauthored two posters presented at the 225th Astronomical Society Meeting held Jan. 4-8 in Seattle, Wash.

Kathleen A. Lawrence

Kathleen A. Lawrence, Communication Studies Department, had her poem titled “I Was a Carvel Soft Serve Queen” appear in the “My First Job” series at Silver Birch Press on June 22. Also, two of her poems were published in the debut issue of Scryptic Magazine on June 19. They are titled “Shadow Beach” and “Walking the Graveyard of My Poems.” Her two poems titled “Adding Machines” and “Lab Test” were published in Lemon Quarterly on April 8.

Timothy J. Baroni

Timothy J. Baroni, Biological Sciences Department, was acknowledged as a consultant for the chapter on “Fungi in the Forest Ecosystem” in Joan Maloof’s recent (2016) book, Nature’s Temples – The Complex World of Old-Growth Forests published by Timber Press of Portland, Ore. Baroni provided Maloof with a 10-page summary of current knowledge of fungal species known from old growth forests of North America and Europe with a comprehensive literature cited section. Also, five of Baroni’s color images of tropical fungi were featured in the 2008 publication Biodiversidad de Puerto Rico, Augustín Stahl, Flora, Hongos, Serie de Historia Natural, on the mushrooms (hongos) of Puerto Rico written by his colleagues, Sharon A. Cantrell, Universidad del Turabo, P.R., and D. Jean Lodge, USDA-Forest Service Northern Research Station, Luquillo, Puerto Rico. Baroni and Lodge were funded by the National Science Foundation from 1996-2001 to perform biodiversity research on Basidiomycetes, large fleshy fungi, in Puerto Rico and the surrounding islands of the Greater Antilles except for Cuba. Cantrell served as the postdoctoral research collaborator on that grant. The chapter is a 46-page summary of the history of research on fungi in Puerto Rico by a host of investigators from around the world, dating back to the 19th century. A summary of these investigations and an overview of the biology of fungi in tropical forest ecosystems is presented, culminating in a list of macrofungi and slime molds documented from Puerto Rico.

Denise D. Knight

Denise D. Knight, English Department, will present a paper titled “Charlotte Perkins Gilman and the Green Diaspora” at the Transatlantic Women III Conference to be held in June 2018 in Dublin, Ireland.


Mark Dodds

Mark Dodds, Sport Management Department, recently had his article, “The Influence of Gender on Baseball Sponsorship Activation Tactics,” published by the Journal of Brand Strategy.

Ute Ritz-Deutch

Ute Ritz-Deutch, History Department, gave the keynote address at the Nov. 24 international webinar “Reproductive Choice of Women: A Fundamental Right” organized by St. Aloysius College in Mangaluru, India, which is one of SUNY Cortland's study abroad locations. The daylong webinar event was under the initiative of the National Commission of Women (NCW), India for better implementation of the existing policies, schemes, programs or projects relating to the well-being and empowerment of women. An article quoting Ritz-Deutch titled “Domestic violence increased during Covid-19 pandemic” was published in the Deccan Herald.

Chris Manaseri

Chris Manaseri, Foundations and Social Advocacy Department, presented at the Country School Association of America’s annual conference this June in New London, N.H.  The group, devoted to the restoration and interpretation of one-room schools across the country, heard Manaseri’s dissertation presentation called “Keeping School: One-room Schoolhouse Preservation Projects in the Greater Finger Lakes Region.” Manaseri visited, photographed and catalogued more than three dozen projects, and interviewed 60 informants for the study.