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What steps will a visiting student need to take to register for classes?

Starting in Summer 2016, SUNY Cortland began phasing out paper registration, and permitting online registration and payment for visiting (non-matriculated) students. The student will complete the following steps:

1.Complete the online Visiting Student Information Form. This form is similar to an admission form, and requires the student to provide all of the information needed to create and activate a student record. 

2.The student will receive login credentials and the Cortland ID. Students will receive an email from a Registrar's Office representative providing the Cortland ID (C00XXXXX) specific instructions for establishing the NET-ID, and instructions for creating a secure, new password.

3.The student will access myRedDragon the following day to register. Account creation is an overnight process, and requires the system to populate student information overnight.

4.The student will pay online within the required time frame. Generally, payment is due at the time of registration.

Faculty, staff and advisors should encourage the student to visit the Visiting Student page for complete information.

Last updated: 3/8/2023