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What does the symbols mean on the worksheet?

Use the legend located at the bottom of your degree audit worksheet to understand most symbols.


  • All courses that you have completed will show on the audit worksheet as a green checked circle. The means it is a completed course requirement. You will work to fill your audit with green checks!
  • All courses that you are currently registered for will show on the audit as a blue half circle with grade of “IP” for “in progress.”

The @ symbol is a wild card in Degree Works ad can be used in a variety of ways.

  • to represent any course number or prefix.
  • If you see @ with course numbers after it (Example: @ 400:499) it means that you can take any subject area within  the number range — in this case, any 400 level course from any subject area.
  • If @ appears after the subject  (Example: BIO @), it means that you can take any course within the subject area — in this case, any Biology course. all bio courses
  •  If you see @@ (double) followed by an attribute or general education requirement (Example: @ @ with Attribute PRES),  it means any subject and/or number with the attribute — in this case any Presentation skills course.all pres courses

Last updated: 11/1/2023