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When saving my grade in myRedDragon, does this mean they are instantly viewable to the student?

Saving your work does not mean you cannot make changes if you discover an error or need to revisit the grade. Grades are only 'locked' and visible to students when grade rolling occurs.

Students can see the grades you have assigned them on myRedDragon when grades have been rolled to academic history. Grade rolling is the process where the Registrar moves saved grades to the official academic record for the student. Because grades will impact the student GPA immediately, the grade roll process is an important step in maintaining accurate student records.

Grade rolling occurs weekdays when the College is in session. During final grading periods, grades are rolled twice daily. Generally, a student will see the official grade within 12 hours or less during grading periods.

Important: You must save your grades before moving to another group of students to avoid losing your entries. We highly recommend that you save often to avoid errors and any browser timeouts.

Last updated: 7/27/2020