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How many credits can a visiting (non matriculated) student accumulate?

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students who do not attend Cortland as a matriculated student may enroll in courses on a part-time, non-degree basis up to 11.5 credit hours.

High School Students

Qualified high school juniors and seniors are eligible to enroll in 100 or 200 level courses at Cortland as part-time, non-degree students with a letter of recommendation from their school guidance counselors. High school students may enroll for a maximum of 4 credit hours per semester. Student will need to seek special permission from the Registrar's Office to pursue more than a total of 8 credit hours.

Graduate Students

Students who hold a bachelor's degree and wish to attend graduate courses may do so on a part-time, non-degree basis up to 9 credit hours.

Last updated: 3/8/2023