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Does SUNY Cortland send electronic transcripts (e-transcripts)?

Yes. SUNY Cortland uses a third-party vendor as our designated agent for processing and sending official electronic (PDF) transcripts on behalf of the College. The PDF transcript that is produced using this service is an official SUNY Cortland transcript. SUNY Cortland eTranscripts include the official College mark, the signature of the College Registrar, the grading key, and will contain the same complete information found on the traditional printed transcript. 

SUNY Cortland eTranscripts are available to any current or former SUNY Cortland student who began attendance in 1991 or later. Students whose attendance is prior to 1991 must request a traditional paper transcript using either the enhanced online services or the traditional paper request form. SUNY Cortland eTranscript services are secure - both senders and receivers must be verified.

Last updated: 8/30/2021