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How do I order an official transcript?

OPTION 1: Online Expedited Ordering (Service Fees Apply)  

Students may request a transcript at any time using the online ordering service. Services offered includes direct mailing, Federal Express (FedEx) mailing, or electronic delivery. While services fees are applied, there is no charge for the transcript, which is provided as part of the semester transcript fee. 

With myRedDragon access: 

Students with access to myRedDragon can order easily through the portal. When ordering through myRedDragon, your information will be automatically provided and authenticated, and a signature page will generally not be required.  

Without myRedDragon access: 

If you do not have myRedDragon access, you may still order online by using the online ordering page. Additional authentication steps may be required.  

Benefits of Online Expedited Ordering 

  • You can request either a paper transcripts or an eTranscript online. 
  • All current students and alumni may request paper transcripts using the enhanced services. 
  • Students attending SUNY Cortland beginning in 1991 or later may request eTranscripts using the enhanced services. 
  • You will receive notifications via e-mail and/or text messaging as your request is being validated, processed and shipped. 
  • You may select an option online to request that we hold the processing of your transcript for final grades and/or the posting of your degree. 

OPTION 2: Traditional Ordering and In Person Pickup (No Service Fees Apply) 

Students may fax, mail, email, or bring a transcript request to the Registrar's Office using the standard paperTranscript Request Form (PDF). 

For in-person service, please come to the Miller Building, Room 203 during office hours.  Traditional orders are performed in the office and have no service or additional transcript fees. 

Last updated: 3/20/2023