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My advisee has a time ticket, though they have applied to graduate. Why did this occur?

The initial time ticket assignment process runs just once per major term - generally 3-4 weeks before pre-registration begins. After that time PIN and time ticket assignments are performed manually by the Registrar's Office for readmits, leave of absence students, or students who change conferral dates to later terms.

Degree conferral (graduation) applications remain open for late applications up to the conferral date. For this reason, students may apply to graduate AFTER a time ticket is already assigned. In these cases, even though a time ticket may appear, a registration hold is used to prohibit registration.

Advising lists are generated based on the single run of the time tickets. For this reason, students applying late may unavoidably appear on these lists. It is good practice to have advisees apply for degree conferral once they have earned 92 credit hours.

The only exception to this is when a student is continuing as a graduate student after they graduate. These students will receive a graduate time ticket, which ordinarily starts at the beginning of pre-registration.

Last updated: 3/20/2023