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When will students see the grades I have submitted?

Students can see the grades you have assigned them on myRedDragon when grades have been rolled to academic history. Grade rolling is the process where the Registrar moves saved grades to the official academic record for the student. Because grades will impact the student GPA immediately, the grade roll process is an important step in maintaining accurate student records.

Grade rolling occurs on weekdays after the final grading period has opened. During that time, grades are rolled twice daily. Generally, a student will see the official grade within 12 hours of posting. Important:

  • Degree Works populates grade and completion information nightly. Grades will be available on Degree Works on the business day following the official grade roll.
  • If a grade is submitted on a weekend or late Friday, it will not be visible until the next business day.
  • Students can view Blackboard grades in real time. If you are seeking to give immediate grading updates to students, we suggest using the Blackboard Grade Book.

Last updated: 8/18/2021