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What are the data refresh and processing a new audit ("Process") features?

Student data is updated nightly. It does not immediately refresh each time a student’s data changes (registration, grades, transfer credit posting, etc.). “We recommend processing a new audit each time that you view a student’s audit to ensure you get the most up-to-date information on the student’s audit.

Faculty and staff have the ability to refresh a student's data instantly from Banner. This can be done by using the Refresh icon and then clicking “Process”. This may be necessary if a substantive change has been made to a student's academic history that needs to be viewed immediately. Students do not have the ability to refresh and will see changes reflected after the nightly refresh and they process new.


Process New This option will create a new audit. If an audit has not been run recently, you should "Process New." Data is refreshed nightly automatically, but audits need to be run using "Process New." 

process new

You will most often “Process” and only need to “Refresh” if a change to student information has occurred that you would like to see immediately reflected.

Refresh Data 

Last updated: 8/18/2021