Campus signage makes a strong first impression on students, families and prospective employees when they visit SUNY Cortland.

To ensure that university signage has a cohesive appearance and fits within brand guidelines, please review the links highlighted below.

Building signage

Exterior building signs at SUNY Cortland are managed by Facilities Operations and Services. If a sign needs to be repaired or replaced, please submit a work request.

Office identification signage

Signage located outside an employee’s office is created by Facilities Operations and Services, with the exception of offices in Moffett Center and Miller Building (please see below). If a sign needs to be repaired or replaced, please submit a work request.

Moffett Center or Miller Building signage 

Signage located outside an employee’s office or Moffett Center's Faculty Commons signage is produced by the Duplicating Center. To obtain new or replacement signage, please complete the Signage Request Form.

Surge space signage

Offices that temporarily move to a new space and require new signage should work directly with their designated project coordinator in the Facilities Planning Design and Construction Office to determine needs.

Other office signage

To make a request for any other interior signage within a campus building, please contact the Facilities Planning, Design and Construction Office at 607-753-5582.

Exterior banners

All university banners and display locations are managed by the SUNY Cortland Marketing Committee and Facilities Operations and Services. 

For more information, contact

Signage writing style

Please refer to the Signage Writing Style Guide for conventions and best practices.