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Next-Generation Course Schedule

The Banner 9 schedule of classes, which has been in preview for the last year, will become the primary schedule on March 9. The new Banner 9 schedule of classes provides a series of new features, a modern web experience, and delivers fast, real time search results.  Among the new features, you will find:

  • advanced course details
  • search-as-you-type results
  • keyword searching
  • historical schedule searches
  • link and lab detail
  • day/hour filtering
  • searching by instructor (when logged in)
  • location and building search filters

Using the Course Schedule (Schedule of Classes)

Students, faculty and staff can access the new schedule of classes using this direct link, or by selecting the "Course Schedule" link the Registrar channel within myRedDragon. 

1 - Select a Term

 Select a term using the drop, or filter the results by typing into the text field.
Screen Shot of the Term Search Field

2 - Select or Enter Search Terms

After selecting a term, you will be presented with the schedule search page.  From here, you can search all published courses. Use the basic search, or click the advanced search link to perform a more complex search.

Screen Shot of Basic Search Fields

When performing a search, you can select from the drop down fields or type in the text field. You can select multiple search items in each field.

Search Field With Multiple Selections

When searching for any value, you may use the percent sign (%) as a wildcard.  For example, you can search for all 100 level courses by typing "1%".

Wildcard Searching Example

3 - Filter and Review the Search Results

After you select your search items, you will be presented with the search result table.  The new result table allows you to review advanced course information quickly, without leaving the page.

Example of the Schedule Result

You can tailor your view of the page by clicking the settings gear in the top right corner.  Click on the checkboxes to show or hide columns. 

Filter View Pane           

To sort a column in ascending or descending order, click the text in the column header.

Sort Column

You can also select the number of results per page and navigate between result pages.

Display Amount

To view advanced course details, click on the course title on the results table. A smaller window will appear that provides access to all of the course details and advanced details. Click the menu items on the left hand side to review specific course details.

Course Details

Additional Details and New Features

Notes, Requirements and Course Details

With the new schedule of classes, departments may include additional course details, links and syllabus information.  Click "Requirements and Notes" to view section notes and notices (see below).

Special Course Details

Linked Sections and Co-Requisites

The Banner 9 schedule of classes provides an easy-to-read listing of linked courses. Linked course may include labs, recitations and co-requisite courses.  To view linked or associated sections, click the "Linked" menu item and/or the "Co-requisites" menu item in the course detail window.

Linked Courses

Co-Req Courses

In addition to seeing this information in the course detail pane, linked courses are very clearly marked on the search results page. 

Linked Visibility

Clicking the [View Linked] button opens a detailed display window, which shows linked courses.
Detailed Link Window

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the schedule changing?

The schedule is part of the modern Banner 9 web interface that is already in use in other areas of the system. This is part of the ongoing conversion to new tools, as older Banner 8 features and services are retired and updated to work with Banner 9.  

Is this schedule public, or is it just for students and faculty?

The schedule of classes is available to the public. When students, faculty and staff are logged in, they will have access to additional search features.

Will I use this when I register?

Yes. The public schedule is a variant of the schedule used when adding and dropping courses. This means, you will have a seamless registration experience and will not be required to view different versions of the schedule. We anticipate rolling out improved registration features for the Fall 2020 pre-registration window.

Is the schedule real time?

Yes. The schedule is real time and any changes that occur in registration will be immediately reflected on the schedule. In addition the schedule uses term and catalog-appropriate course descriptions and information.

Can I still see "class notes" and special notices?

Yes. You can view class notes for courses - without leaving the page - by clicking the course title within search results. Select "Requirements and Notes". Class notes have also been expanded to include additional information such as required materials and web links.

Will I still be able to access textbook information?

Yes. The schedule of classes still includes a link to the College's textbook lookup tool. Simply click on the "Textbook Information" link in the course details.

Will this work on my phone and tablet?

Yes. A major reason for moving to new services is that they are designed to work with a broad array of screens and devices. The new schedule is mobile-friendly and responsive.

Can I view past terms?

Yes. The schedule will give you the ability to look at past terms and course descriptions. Simply select the term you would like to view on the term selection page.

When searching for departments or subjects, the full title is shown. Do I search by title or code?

Either will work. The schedule searches for codes (prefixes) and the formal name when filtering. You can search using any combination, and you can select multiple departments and subjects when searching.

Can I search by keyword?

Yes. The schedule lets you search for keywords using an exact phrase, all of the text entered, or just a portion of text. The keyword options search within the course description, title, subject and associated notes and information.

Will I still be able to use the former course schedule?

Yes. The former schedule will remain online through Spring 2020 to allow users to transition, and to give the campus an opportunity to update web pages, documents, instructions and guidance. It will be retired in early June 2020.