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What do I do if my diploma shipping address has changed or I need to edit the name of the diploma?

If you have not yet graduated:

If you are requesting a name change or adjustment due to a legal change to your name, please complete the Legal name change form. To change your diploma shipping address only, you may complete the Change of degree conferral details form

 If you are making a change to your permanent address for all records, please complete the Change of Address Form.  there is an option to update your diploma shipping address on the form.

If you have already graduated:

If you are a new graduate and you require a name or address change, you may make the request prior to the change deadlines (May 1 for Spring, August 1 for summer, and by December 1 for fall) to avoid a reprinting charge or delay.

Alumni may submit a Legal name change form and reorder a new diploma with the updated name (at an additional cost). 

Last updated: 9/22/2023