Spring 2021 Guide and COVID-19 information


Offices, departments or clubs who wish to add the SUNY Cortland logo and their name to apparel items such as polo shirts, T-shirts, jackets, vests and hats should follow the guidelines depicted here.

Apparel color

Apparel should reflect SUNY Cortland’s official school colors, which are red and white. Groups or individuals seeking to order apparel in other colors must complete the Alternative Color for Apparel Form, which will be forwarded to the Marketing Committee for review. For more information, please email marketing@cortland.edu.

SUNY Cortland logo with name

logo with name

  • The name must be written in all caps using Agenda Bold in red or black.
  • "X" is the height of the word SUNY in the logo. The letters of the name cannot be taller than this height.
  • The name must fit on no more that two lines of type.
  • "Y" is the distance from the top of the logo's main body to the top of the "C" in Cortland. For example, from the top of the "o", "r," "a" or "n" to the top of the "C." This is the distance that must be used between the logo's main body and the top of the name.

Logo placement

The Cortland logo with department, office or club name can appear on either the right or left front side of a shirt or jacket in an appropriate location and in an appropriate size. If the Athletics logo is being used as well, it should appear on the opposite sleeve, smaller than the logo or proportionally sized in comparison.

tshirt with logo

Offices or departments that want to use the Athletics logo on the front of a shirt or jacket, may do so by following these guidelines:

  • There is to be no wording or name under the Athletics logo, or
  • The wording is a team name, Cortland Athletics, or an approved name associated with Athletics such as Cortland Red Dragons/Athletics.