Mascot costume usage instructions


  • Ideal performer height range is 5'6" to 5'9" or 5'10" to 6' (tall version: shorts, shirt and jumpsuit are labeled “TALL”).
  • Performer will need an assistant to help get dressed and walk around.
  • Performer should wear a lightweight T-shirt, shorts and socks.
  • Long hair should be pulled back into a low ponytail.

Getting dressed

  1. Put the foam tail insert into the jumpsuit before putting it on.
  2. Put on upper muscles. Velcro closure is under arms.
  3. With the tail inserted, step into the jumpsuit and pull the jumpsuit up to the waist. Pull out both sides of the belt and fasten the tail buckle together. Continue to pull the jumpsuit up and over the arm muscles. On the backside of the suit, un-Velcro the wing tabs and zip up the zipper in front of the suit.
  4. Put the shirt on over the jumpsuit (shirt Velcro closes to cover wings).
  5. Step into shorts and pull up. The back portion of the shorts clips around the tail.
  6. Put on wings. There is a zip, hook and eye and Velcro closures at the shoulders to keep the wings secure.
  7. Sit down and put on shoes. There are slippers inside the shoes, so there is no need to wear street shoes with the mascot shoes.
  8. Put on head, fasten shin strap and adjust as needed for a comfortable fit.
  9. Tuck neck ruff into the jumpsuit or jersey, whichever option feels more comfortable to you.
  10. Put on gloves and you are ready to perform!

Costume and performance restrictions

  • Communicate only through gestures and movements; do not speak when in costume.
  • Stay in character; do not take off the head or other parts of the costume while in public.
  • Keep the costume out of the rain or other poor weather.