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    Dog sled in action    During the annual Camp Abilities Winter Camp put on by the Central Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired this past February, a team of Siberian Huskies trained and led by experienced dog musher Spencer Thew arrived at Camp Huntington to take campers and counselors for a thrilling sled ride on the trail system. This is the first time we’ve  offered dog sledding here, and from the enthusiasm it created throughout the camp, won’t be the last.

        Thanks to a brief period of thick ice on the lake, the kennel truck was able to drive right into camp and set up in the maintenance area. The dogs were bursting with energy and anxious to be harnessed in position on the sled team. Once the musher and first two campers were aboard, the signal was given and they were off like a flash over the packed trails. Each ride lasted about five minutes. Campers eagerly lined up to take their turn.

Camper petting one of the dogs           Although the dogs were quite noisy and the sled ride swift, the visually impaired campers showed no fear and loved every minute of the trip. Camp staff provided support handling the dogs and ensuring they followed the prescribed course as they returned to the starting point. The extra dogs waiting their turn on the sled team offered lots of licks and petting opportunities for the campers. Thanks to Spencer and his crew from Call of the Wild Kennels for adding this novel experience to our winter schedule.

Close up of dog sled with participants