Newsletter Detail

On Valentine’s Day weekend, 23 women on the SUNY Cortland softball team braved the cold temperatures and slick
ice road to come together at Camp Huntington for a preseason team-building program. Led by Head Coach Julie Lenhart, Athletics Department, assistant coaches Eric Young and Molly O’Donnell, and facilitator Corey Ryon ’99, M ’03, the team went through a number of initiatives designed to build trust, problem solving, leadership and team work among the players. They also spent time in team meetings discussing expectations, setting goals for the season and viewing a motivational film.
Wind chill temperatures had dipped below zero for one of the rare occasions this winter, and the planned hike up Bald
Mountain was consequently cancelled. Instead, the team arrived earlier on Saturday than scheduled, giving them time to settle in and play some lively broomball on the lake. 

It was an interesting weekend, with the Cortland Writers’ Association working on their individual writing projects and a
few hardy Theta Phi alumni walking the hard packed trails with traction spikes. As is usually the case, the three groups mingled easily during meals and out on the campus, building bridges between students, athletes and alumni. It was also the first visit of Risk Management Officer Bill Veit to Raquette Lake, where he toured both campuses and got a firsthand introduction to the types of programs we run.

We hope the brief time spent at Raquette Lake will propel the softball team to another winning season and become a
tradition for years to come.