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 Antlers Alumni CampsLoon and chick

Enjoy a memorable summer experience in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains. Activities might include canoeing, hiking, kayaking, relaxing, star gazing, games, campfires, and much more. Meals are provided. 


               July 2-8

               July 9-15 or split the week: July 9-12 or July 12-15                                                         Aug. 20-26 or split the week: Aug. 20-23 or Aug. 23-26

Camp Marion

               Two lean-tos available for use. No cost; however,

               reservations are required. Water access only.

Kirby Camp

Escape from it all and relax in this comfortable rustic cabin. While there is no electricity, there are lights that run on propane and there is a fully functioning kitchen. One week is available for rental from June 19-25.

Additional Events:


We are looking for your suggestions. Each September we try to host at least one adult education session. We are in the process of solidifying the 2018 calendar and want to hear from you. What kind of class, lecture or adult education session would you  be interested in attending? In the past we have hosted a variety of sessions that include history, exploration, make-and-take to informational workshops. Email Rhonda with your ideas.