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AntlersAlumni volunteers

Volunteer Weekend
May 13-15
Alumni Sessions
July 3-9 July 10-16
July 10-13 July 13-16
Aug. 18-21 Aug. 26-29 Sept. 6-9 * Adults only
Hearts of Gold Reunion, Sept. 16-18

Photo courtesy of Lew Cowan '73

Alumni volunteers raking

Camp Huntington

Volunteer Weekend, May 6-8
Alumni Sessions, July 1-5
Arethusa Reunion July 24-29
Sig Rho Reunion July 25-29
Theta Phi Oct. 7-10

Camp Marion Lean-to

Camp Marion

Lean-to reservations are available on a first come, first served basis. The lean-tos are water access only with a two mile paddle from Antlers. 

Kirby Camp Lake view

Kirby Camp

Weekly Rental
Weeks available: 

June 20-26 Aug. 22-28

Alumni Adventure white water rafting

Alumni Adventure Camp

Explore the Adirondacks by trail, kayak and whitewater rafting
complete with the high ropes challenge course, campfires,
great food and swimming round out the adventure.

July 21-24

Botanical Shade Workshop

Botanical Shades

Join us for an adult-education make-and-take
workshop at our Antlers facility where you will can create, play and relax. 

Sept. 13-16