Hoxie Gorge

Whether you want to participate in class and individual study, conduct research or simply enjoy the environment, the Hoxie Gorge Nature Preserve at William H. Parks Family Center for Environmental and Outdoor Education provides you with the opportunity to do all three activities in a beautiful, natural setting.

Located only seven miles from campus, you can easily visit the nature preserve from campus during a two- or three-hour class period. Approximately 1,000 students per year are involved in academic field study there.

Faculty and students have used Hoxie Gorge extensively for research purposes. This research has attracted more than $500,000 in grants and resulted in approximately 30 journal publications.

Research topics include insect chemical ecology and behavior, taxonomy of mushrooms, conservation biology of amphibians, pollination biology of flowering plants and nutrient cycling in streams. These research programs are ongoing and require that many areas of the property remain undisturbed. Of special interest are amphibian enumeration and nutrient levels of the water.

While visiting Hoxie Gorge, be sure to take a walk on the McDermott Nature Trail. This one-mile trail contains 38 marked stations to acquaint you with the sights and sounds of this lush nature preserve. View the trail guide for complete details.

Student research

Adam Hocking's '16 Field Guide to Bryophytes of Hoxie Gorge
Ethan Childs and Nathan Francisco (2012) Lichens of Hoxie Gorge