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Our Common Ground

SUNY Cortland 1990 to 2017

Book Cover - Our Common Ground

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How has SUNY Cortland changed in the past 30 years? Our Common Ground narrates the story of the College’s growth and describes its maturity into a modern university responsive to a changing society. Organized into two parts, Our Common Ground tells the story of the institution’s major transformations and highlights significant events affecting students, faculty, and staff. The book incorporates perspectives from campus administrators, faculty, staff and students and brings to the present Leonard Ralston’s Cortland College: An Illustrated History.



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Campus Essays

Commissioned for this book project, Campus Essays include reflections by a variety of campus personalities. Each author offers their own perspective on the changes they witnessed and initiated as Cortland transformed into the institution it is today.

Henry Steck

A Sacred Space

by Craig B. Little and Henry Steck

Nasarin Parvizi

In Making of a Difference

by Nasrin Parvizi

Charles Yaple

Lime Hollow Beginnings

by Charles Yaple


This collection of video interviews captures memories from selected campus leaders. These voices share anecdotes from their time on campus and reflect upon Cortland’s changing profile.