Mission and Goals

The mission of the Institutional Equity and Inclusion Office is to provide campus-wide leadership and support on matters relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion for all members of the SUNY Cortland Community.

The IEI office supports the University's efforts to ensure that students, faculty, and staff learn and work in environments that actively promote a culture of inclusive excellence.

The goals of the Institutional Equity and Inclusion Office are to:

  • Ensure an institutional focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Eliminate the systemic and historical barriers of discrimination in order to provide equal opportunity and education for all
  • Foster a welcoming, engaging, and inclusive environment through the recruitment and retention of underrepresented and minoritized students, faculty, and staff that reflects the diversity of New York, the nation, and the world
  • Address and respond to the goals of the SUNY System Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policy (2015) and the 25-point DEI Action Plan (2021) as well as develop, implement, and monitor the University's Strategic Diversity and Inclusion Plan
  • Provide data that informs college decision-making on equity, and inclusion efforts
  • Establish educational programs and initiatives on inclusive pedagogy, cultural competency, and equity-mindedness
  • Celebrate and affirm the strengths of our vibrant, and diverse community.


Lorraine Headshot

Lorraine Lopez-Janove (She/her/hers)
Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

At those three campuses, she provided leadership and guidance in the delivery of a comprehensive range of programs and services promoting a culture of inclusive excellence. She was a member of the president’s cabinet at those institutions, participating in all aspects of institutional planning and assisting each college in its efforts to meet the needs of diverse student, faculty and staff populations.

Prior to her time with the SUNY community colleges, Lopez-Janove served as executive director of the Human Rights Commission of Sullivan County, giving her a unique perspective on the value of working with local agencies and organizations to foster mutual understanding and collaboration among diverse groups in a larger community. Her pivotal experiences include working with the New York State Education Department while at New York University to investigate and address the disproportionality of students of color in special education in schools across the state. She also has experience as an educator and administrator through Orange-Ulster BOCES.

Lopez-Janove holds certifications in Affirmative Action, Title IX and Conflict Resolution and brings a broad array of rich experiences related to equity, diversity and inclusion.  Lopez-Janove attended Marist College in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., where she earned both a B.A. in social work and a master’s in public administration.

Cyrenius Weagba Fitzjohn

Cyrenius Weagba Fitzjohn '19 (he/him & they/them)
Assistant Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

"Cyrenius was born in Evanston, Illinois and grew up living in parts of Maryland and New Jersey before attending high school in Staten Island, New York. They received their bachelors in English from SUNY Cortland in 2019. They are currently pursuing his master’s in social work through Syracuse University. 

Cyrenius began his professional career at SUNY Cortland serving as a Residence Hall Director in Randall Hall and during his professional career at SUNY Cortland served as the Acting Assistant Director to the Multicultural Life and Diversity Office, before becoming the first Assistant Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at Cortland.

Cyrenius is dedicated to helping SUNY Cortland become as equitable a place for all community members as they can. They enjoy working with students, faculty, and staff alike in pursuit of creating that equity and learning from all the experiences of those around them.

Ann Erxleben (She/her/hers)
Administrative Assistant