21-Day Anti-Racism Challenge

What is the challenge?

The 21-day challenge is an opportunity to:

  • Learn and grow as individuals and as a community
  • Foster awareness, compassion and understanding
  • Encourage dialogue surrounding difficult topics
  • Begin to understand issues of power, privilege, oppression, equity and social justice
  • Learn how to better support Black and underrepresented colleagues, students and community members
  • Become empowered to confront issues of racial equality

Unlearning your biases is an incredibly difficult task. You cannot become an anti-racist just by deciding you are one. We hope that the topics here will challenge and inspire you. Proceed with an open mind when you see an activity that might be at odds with your beliefs. Those may be the ones that spark the greatest change.

Get involved and stay on track

The 21-Day Challenge is a powerful opportunity to gain perspective and self-awareness surrounding racial inequality in our country.  By engaging in one learning opportunity each day for 21-days we hope you will feel moved to take action to improve equity and inclusion in our communities.


Every day has a theme and lists several options for reading, listening or watching. Choose at least one activity per day, but feel free to explore more.


Record your activities in the progress tracker document. This step is optional but can help you stay on course and help you remember which activities you participated in should you choose to explore more.
Download a Tracker (PDF)

Better together

Take the Challenge as a group with your department, office, team or friends. The Memorial Library Anti-Racism Team created a handy guide to get your started. 

Unit implementation guide


If you would like to discuss your 21-day journey with other participants, join the Facebook group. Post and interact as much or as little as you would like. This group is only for members of the SUNY Cortland community.
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Reflection on your daily activity is encouraged. We may share these reflections on social media, but you can answer anonymously if you prefer.
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