Anti-Racism Task Force

SUNY Cortland Defines DEI Terms

Mission Statement

To proactively identify and address matters related to racism on campus that serve as barriers or inhibitors of maximum academic, social and personal success for our BIPOC students. Furthermore, we strive to contribute to the creation of a campus climate that is socially and racially inclusive, diverse and just for ALL our students. We intend to fulfill this mission through:  

  • Education: Developing tools and appropriate methods for educating our campus on issues of racism and ways to properly address these matters in an anti-racist manner 
  • Multimedia and Communications: Creating content that is inclusive and represents all our students equally and properly. Using all forms of media in communicating information that addresses racism head-on and sustains anti-racist practices 
  • Policies and Procedures: Identifying policies that may contain racially bias and racially charged implications that consistently affect our BIPOC students, faculty and staff negatively. Reviewing and identifying policy and procedures that may not support, protect and benefit the welfare and interests of our students, particularly our underrepresented students.  
  • Data collection/Analysis: forming to help focus on helping the other sub-committees measure the impacts of their initiatives. The idea behind this is we want to be able to communicate what we're doing to make Cortland a more inclusive and Anti-Racist community and the data to back up the improvements—or actions that had inadvertent negative impacts and should be changed or avoided.