Multicultural Male Initiative


The multicultural Male Initiative (MMI) was established to improve access, retention and graduation rates of men of color (African American, Asian, Latino, Native American, Native Hawaiian, and Alaska Native) by providing academic support, professional development and mentoring. The program aims to support the college and career success of men of color by utilizing a holistic approach to promote brotherhood and community through cultural awareness and identity development. 

Why Focus on Underrepresented Male Students?

Nationally, the success rates for underrepresented students but in particular African American and Latino students, especially males, are more disparate compared to all other students who attend secondary and post-secondary institutions. Many Hispanic males are not going to college and if they do, they have a very high dropout rate (Hispanic Outlook Magazine, 2017). The MMI seeks to change the narrative by increasing the number of underrepresented males who enroll and graduate from post-secondary institutions. 


Men of Color Student Leadership Summit