Institutional Planning and Assessment Committee (IPAC)

With the goals of institutional effectiveness, growth and transparency, the Institutional Planning and Assessment Committee (IPAC) is responsible for coordinating the work of institutional strategic planning and supporting planning and assessment throughout the campus. This includes recommending a meaningful and assessable college-wide plan to the President’s Cabinet, monitoring evidence indicators, assessing the plan, allocating strategic funds in alignment with the plan (as available), and updating the plan as need to align with the mission and needs of the students and the campus.

IPAC should engage with the campus and work with other effectiveness groups including the Resource Advisory Committee (RAC) the Student Learning Outcomes Committee, and other planning groups that oversee campus plans (e.g., Diversity Plan, Facilities Master Plan).

2022-23 Charge

  1. The charge for the upcoming year will be to write the new SUNY Cortland strategic plan based on evaluation of the former plan, the Middle States self-study and team report, and the current and anticipated internal and external factors we face as a college. The process and final plan should: 

    • engage the campus in dialogue and review of critical institutional indicators 
    • provide a draft plan to the campus for review and feedback including soliciting feedback from Faculty Senate and Student Government Association 
    • submit a finalized plan to the President’s Cabinet for approval by May 1, 2023 
    • distribute any available strategic funding in alignment with plan goals and institutional priorities 

The membership will be appointed by the President and will include faculty from all three schools, the VP for Academic Affairs, VP for Student Affairs, MSCHE Institutional Accreditation Officer, professionals from all four divisions, at least one CSEA representative, a Student Government Representative, representative from the RAC, and representation from the following PCIE/GPIC/SOGIE/CGIS.

Committee Members

  • Genevieve Birren
  • Lisa Kahle
  • Christopher Kuretich
  • Andrea Lachance
  • Michelle LoGerfo
  • Courtney Mantey
  • Jody Maroney
  • Lynn MacDonald, Co-chair
  • Rebecca Nadzadi
  • Jenn McNamara
  • Zach Newswanger
  • AnnaMaria Omilanowicz
  • Christopher Ortega
  • Peter Perkins
  • April Thompson
  • Carol Van Der Karr, Co-chair
  • Ryan Vooris
  • Nance Wilson
  • Mark Yacavone