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Cortland College Foundation

Chair: Johanna Ames
Vice Chair: David Turybury ’90
Secretary: Candy Altman ’77
Treasurer: Nora Sullivan ’80

Executive Director, Cortland College Foundation, Inc.: Peter C. Perkins

Cortland College Foundation Board of Directors

Candy  Altman

Candy Altman '77

Johanna R. Ames

Johanna R. Ames

Donald C. Armstrong

Donald C. Armstrong

William C. Baerthlein

William C. Baerthlein '76

Sheri Glaser Baron

Sheri Glaser Baron '77

Development Committee Co-Chair
Erik J. Bitterbaum<br />

Erik J. Bitterbaum

President, SUNY Cortland
Robert  Bookman

Robert Bookman '76

Governance and By-Laws Committee Chair
Stanley  Cadet

Stanley Cadet '08

Jean K. Cadwallader

Jean K. Cadwallader

Emeritus member
Michael  Cappeto

Michael Cappeto '71, M '73

James  Clark

James Clark

Emeritus Member
Louise M. Conley<br />

Louise M. Conley

Jesse  Crane

Jesse Crane '11

William  Dickerson

William Dickerson '69

Emeritus member
Matthew  Fanelli

Matthew Fanelli '09

Fritz  Favorule

Fritz Favorule '76

Dorothea Kreig Allen Fowler

Dorothea Kreig Allen Fowler '52, M.S.Ed. '74

Stephen  Franco

Stephen Franco '05

Linda Barnes Gadkowski

Linda Barnes Gadkowski '66

Mark  Goracy

Mark Goracy '77

SUNY Cortland Alumni Association Representative
Robert C. Howe

Robert C. Howe

Emeritus member
Kevin N. Keegan

Kevin N. Keegan '76

Nominating Committee Chair
Karen  Kerrigan

Karen Kerrigan '82

Board Member
David  Kronman

David Kronman '80

Diana Abdoo Lawson

Diana Abdoo Lawson '76

Julia Wright Levine

Julia Wright Levine '64

Emeritus Member
Ernest  Logan

Ernest Logan '73

Development Committee Co-Chair
Virginia  Meyer Carter

Virginia Meyer Carter '74

Anthony  Moon

Anthony Moon '86

Brian G. Murphy

Brian G. Murphy '83

Emeritus member
Christopher  Ortega

Christopher Ortega '06

Peter C. Perkins

Peter C. Perkins

Executive Director, Cortland College Foundation
Frank  Rossi

Frank Rossi

Victor Miles Rumore II

Victor Miles Rumore II '84

Daniel  Scheffer

Daniel Scheffer '96

Victor G. Siegle

Victor G. Siegle

Emeritus member
Judson W. Smith

Judson W. Smith '76

Emeritus member
Charles H. Spaulding

Charles H. Spaulding

Emeritus Member
Nora B. Sullivan

Nora B. Sullivan '80

Treasurer, Finance and Audit Committee Chair
Bernard E. Thoma

Bernard E. Thoma '78, M ’80

Emeritus member
Barry J. Thornton II

Barry J. Thornton II '93

Michael  Tota

Michael Tota '12

David  Turybury

David Turybury '90

Vice Chair
Joseph A. Vallo

Joseph A. Vallo '79

Emeritus member
Alexander  Voitovich

Alexander Voitovich '77

Monica Bedford Voldstad

Monica Bedford Voldstad '72, M ’77

Emeritus member
George  Weissman, Esq.

George Weissman, Esq. '76

Immediate Past Chair
Mark  Yacavone

Mark Yacavone ’94