Peeling/Damaged License Plates

Peeling/Damaged License Plates at SUNY Cortland

Your license plate may have been identified as unreadable due to delamination.  Both New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law and permitting requirements of SUNY Cortland specify that vehicle license plates “…shall be kept clean and in a condition so as to be easily readable…” (NYS VAT § 402).

In addition to SUNY Cortland, other entities such as the New York State Thruway Authority utilize license plates to verify permits/process tolling. Please be advised that even though the issue is likely related to a manufacturing defect, it is important that you act on obtaining replacement license plates to avoid any penalties related to unreadable license plates.

For vehicles registered in New York State, replacement plates may be obtained (in some cases, free of charge) by completing an online form through the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles: New York State DMV Peeling License Plates

If you have received notice that your license plates are unreadable, and the vehicle is registered in any other area other that New York, please contact the original licensing authority for guidance.