Clery Act Travel Compliance

Clery Act Compliance 

The university is committed to full compliance with the Clery Act and the Campus SaVE Act, which mandate the reporting, collection, and disclosure of statistics concerning the occurrence of certain criminal offenses and timely notification of continuing criminal threats. These laws also require sexual assault awareness measures and mandatory notices to sexual assault victims.

Registering Trips to Off-Campus Locations

When must I register trips to off-campus locations?

If the university makes the arrangements, pays for, and has an agreement with the lodging location the trip is considered university-sponsored.

Overnight, university-sponsored trips:  If the university or registered student organization sponsors student(s) on an overnight trip, for example, to see a play in New York City, and the department rents hotel rooms.

Short-stay "away" trips:  If the university or registered student organization sponsors short-stay "away" trips of its students, hotel rooms used to support educational purposes should be registered.  An example is a three-week marine biology study trip to Florida.  Any classroom or housing space specified in the agreement between the institution and a third-party providing space is reportable. Please note that 

Athletic Department or Club Sports Trips: When an athletic team under the control of the Athletic Department or a club sports team under the control of Club Sports, stays at a hotel it is reportable.
Third-party contractor:  If the university has entered into a written agreement with a third-party contractor to arrange housing and/or classroom space for a university-sponsored trip or study program (either domestic or foreign), it is assumed that the contractor is acting on behalf of the school as the school's agent, putting the institution in control of this space, so the trip is reportable.

Study abroad programs: For students studying abroad at locations where facilities are rented or leased through the university or a third-party contractor, the location is reportable.

What does not need to be registered as an off-campus trip?
If students make the arrangements choose and pay for the hotel, it is NOT a university-sponsored trip.

Field Trips:  You are NOT required to register non-overnight field trips to locations the university does not own or control.

Host family situations do not normally qualify as reportable locations unless your written agreement with the family gives the university/department significant control over space in the family home.

Registering the Trip

Any faculty, staff, or volunteer who leads the trip or travels along and has responsibility for the students during the trip are considered Campus Security Authorities. This person should fill out the Campus Security Authority Student Travel Form to register the trip.