New to SUNY Cortland?

Fast Facts About Parking At SUNY Cortland

Permits are required to park in all SUNY Cortland parking lots. If you are planning on parking in a SUNY Cortland lot, you will need a permit. Permit costs vary by graduate level and course load. Learn more about parking permits.

Permits will be made available for purchase prior to each semester. Permit availability is driven by housing status, which means the sale date varies based on the housing assignment process.  Email announcements will be made to your email address.

Permits are virtual. No stickers or hangtags are issued. Once the permit purchase process is complete, your permit becomes active immediately, and is tied to your vehicle’s license plate.

Have a loaner vehicle? Contact our office by phone or email.  We will add the vehicle to your permit for the time you specify.

On-street parking does not require a permit, however other restrictions apply. Parking on Neubig Road (from Corey Union down to Broadway Ave) is limited to 90 minutes maximum per 180-minute period.  Moving a vehicle within this area does not reset this time limit. Parking on Prospect terrace does not have a time limit. There is no overnight parking on either Prospect Terrace or Neubig Road, and is tow enforced during winter months (as posted). All other on street parking around campus is under the jurisdiction of the City of Cortland, and is enforced by the Cortland Police Department.

Student permit parking is on the lower (south) portion of the campus. If you live adjacent to upper campus, and your classes/activities are located on upper campus, it is recommended to walk to campus. SUNY Cortland Transportation Services has bus stops throughout campus.

There is a pay-per-hour lot located next to Neubig Hall, operated by the Cortland Auxiliary. This lot offers first-come, first-served hourly parking. This lot is very popular, and is often at capacity during peak times. You must plan accordingly if you plan to use this lot.  Learn more about the Neubig Paid Parking Lot.

Utilizing our lots requires effective time management. It is not realistic to expect to park adjacent to your destination during peak times.  If you plan to utilize parking at SUNY Cortland, it is recommended to arrive 40-60 minutes prior to your commitment for the first few days, to give you time to “get the feel” for parking and transportation at SUNY Cortland.

Lots may not be at capacity, however permit requirements will not change. A common source of feedback is related to usage patterns of parking lots. There is a level of complexity and contractual obligations that drive lot allocation. Usage and allocation of lots is revaluated on a regular basis, with the goal of meeting the parking needs of all of the user groups across campus. While we welcome feedback, it is likely the issue has been discussed and evaluated recently.

Confused, have other questions or have a specific situation to discuss? Contact our office by phone or email. We will take whatever time is needed to get you situated properly. If you are facing a difficulty that impacts your ability to adhere to permitting requirements, please contact our office. We can discuss options that may help address your needs:

Phone: 607-753-4123