Why Study Abroad?

Fast Facts on Study Abroad

Whether your reasons for studying abroad are personal, academic, or professional, you will gain a greater appreciation for international issues and cultures while fulfilling your degree requirements.

Students who return from studying abroad repeatedly describe it as one of the best experiences of their life. They also report an increased ability to appreciate and maneuver in diverse settings and gain personal confidence and self-awareness.

Studying abroad also looks great on a resume. It shows potential employers that you are outgoing, culturally competent and willing to leave your comfort zone.

Top 10 Reasons to Study Abroad

  1. Travel and expand your worldview
  2. Learn firsthand about another culture
  3. Gain new perspectives on our country
  4. Explore your heritage
  5. Become proficient in another language
  6. Enhance your resume
  7. Build confidence and independence
  8. Develop livelong global friendships
  9. Enjoy new foods
  10. Experience the journey of a lifetime.