Who We Are

Our Mission

The Office of International Programs addresses the College’s mission to “instill within students … an awareness of the important positive role they must play in an increasingly global society.” The office fosters cross-cultural understanding and global awareness through study abroad and exchange opportunities for students, faculty and staff at SUNY Cortland.  In addition, the office provides support services to help integrate internationals into the community in order to enhance international understanding among community members. 

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We in the SUNY Cortland International Programs Office believe that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion enhance who we are as students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Engagement among diverse cultures fosters intellectual and personal growth, promotes awareness, and provides opportunities for relationship building that transcends borders and strengthens our sense of unity. We are dedicated to promoting and increasing enrollment of international students at SUNY Cortland and supporting them during their time here.  We are equally committed to increasing the participation of SUNY Cortland students from underrepresented groups in study abroad programs, and ensuring that all students are provided with resources and accommodations to be well prepared for an international experience.

Sustainability Statement

The SUNY Cortland International Programs Office is committed to reducing the carbon footprint that results from international mobility. Our goal is to create and foster sustainable educational practices that begin before, take place during, and continue after international travel. These practices come to life through pre and post-departure modules, carbon offsets, recommendations of reduced and alternative modes of travel while abroad, and a focus on energy efficiency at home and at the destination. Contact our office for details on how to take part in partnering international mobility with sustainability.