How to Apply

How to Apply to Study Abroad

Congratulations, you’ve found the study abroad that fits your needs and interests and now it’s time to apply. Depending on if you’ve chosen a SUNY Cortland program or an Other-SUNY program, the application process may vary. Instructions for both types are below.

Cortland Program Application Process

  • For Cortland programs, the application process is completely online.
    • Click Apply at the bottom of a program page to create a profile. You log-in using your normal Cortland username and password. If you’re a first-semester transfer student and you have difficulty, please contact for assistance.
    • Your application(s) will be listed in the My Applications section
    • Be sure fill out each section completely!
    • Step 1: Recommendation Requests: when completing your application, be sure to remember to add your recommenders—this is the most often forgotten section. Both references must be academic, meaning they should be from professors who had you in class or your academic advisor. For transfer students, applying in your first semester, you may use academic references from your previous institution.
    • Step 2: Fill out Application: There are multiple sections in this step. Some will ask for basic demographic information, while others will be more complex like, writing and uploading your study statement, completing an institution-specific application or uploading a scan of your passport.
    • Step 3: Submit your Application—be sure to actually hit save and continue on the final screen to submit your application!
    • Step 4: Fill out Scholarship Application-this section is optional and will only appear if you answer yes to the scholarship question in the main application. You’ll be asked to upload an additional study statement and a resume.

Application Deadlines

  • Spring Programs: October 1
  • Winter Programs: October 1
  • Summer Programs: March 1
  • Fall Programs: April 1

Other-SUNY Program Application Process

  • When applying to an Other-SUNY study abroad program, you’ll complete two separate, but parallel processes. One for the Sending SUNY, which is who will actually accept you to study abroad, and the second is for SUNY Cortland, to inform the College of your plans to study abroad.
    • Sending SUNY application process
      • This process will also be completely online.
      • The components of an Other-SUNY application will be very similar to the Cortland application and will most likely include:
        • Basic demographic information
        • A written study statement
        • 1-3 academic references
        • A scan of your passport
        • Additional program specific components
      • Other-SUNY application through the SUNY Cortland website
        • This application link can be found at the bottom of the Other-SUNY Programs: Cortland Students ONLY program page.
        • This is what tells SUNY Cortland you’re intending to leave for a semester and ensures you’re billed and registered properly and allows you to apply for scholarships!
        • The application itself is short (~10 minutes), but is longer if you’d like to be considered for a study abroad scholarship. You’ll need to know the name of the program, the Sending SUNY and approximately how many credits you intend to take as part of the program.

Application Deadlines

  • Other SUNY Program Applications: Deadlines vary by program—be sure to check individual program deadlines!