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Scholarships Available to Cortland Students

SUNY Cortland awards thousands of dollars in Study Abroad Scholarships each year. These scholarship opportunities are available to SUNY Cortland students only. Scholarships are based on academic performance or academic performance and financial need.

For more specific information please go to Study Abroad Scholarships. Students must apply to a study abroad program before they are able to apply for a study abroad scholarship. Scholarships can be applied for within their online study abroad application.

Exchange Awards can be another opportunity for an affordable experience abroad. SUNY Cortland has partner agreements with several universities abroad. When these universities send students to study at SUNY Cortland for a semester, we are able to send a Cortland student to the partner university for a semester without incurring the overseas tuition. Depending on the partner university, this can result in significant savings for a Cortland student. Exchange awards vary from semester to semester. Please consult with a study abroad advisor to see if an exchange award is available for a particular program.

Be sure to submit all necessary scholarship application documents by published deadlines! Late scholarship and exchange award applications will not be considered.

Other Scholarship Opportunities for SUNY Cortland Students:
SUNY Cortland Continuing/Graduate Student Scholarships

Although not specifically targeted toward study abroad, these scholarships are available to all SUNY Cortland continuing and/or graduate students and can help off-set additional costs associated with a study abroad program. Students are encouraged to apply to any/all scholarships for which they meet the criteria set forth. Students that already receive non-study abroad Cortland scholarships will still be eligible to apply for study abroad scholarships. Note: Deadlines for these scholarships may differ from study abroad scholarship deadlines.

Outside Scholarships Available to Non-Cortland and Cortland Students