Emergencies Abroad

In an emergency abroad?

Follow the advice and protocols of your program, which can be found in your program guide or information shared with you by your study abroad advisor. Make sure that you know the local number for 911, and have all relevant information related to fire, medical, and security for your program.

In a true health or safety emergency abroad, please call the University Police Department at 607-753-2111 or International Programs at 607-543-0774.”  

Sick, injured, or need to talk while abroad?

•Seek immediate medical attention if it is an emergency

•Emergency or not, call United Health Care at 1-844-249-0748 so that United Health Care can find a local doctor or hospital and set up an appointment for you to be seen. Ask for UHC to pre-authorize payment so that you don't need to pay upfront. If you do pay, keep all receipts from your treatment. Visit our Insurance page for policy details and instructions on navigating the United Health Care website.

•No local doctor or hospital that accepts United Health Care? Make your own appointment with doctor or hospital based on recommendations at your host study abroad site. Be sure to keep all receipts from your treatment.

•Mental Health Telehealth Services are available 24/7/365. All SUNY Cortland students have access to Uwill, an online mental health resources that specializes in working with college students. This service is free and available on evenings and weekends.  All you need to do is click on the link, make an account, and choose a therapist that fits your preferences.

Day to Day Safety Tips

  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Avoid walking alone, especially at night
  • Avoid excessive personal items
  • Keep money in different places on your body
  • Follow local news
  • Pay attention to how locals act and dress in public places
  • Follow all local laws
  • Read up on social norms related to personal identity and sexual orientation
  • Don’t join protests because they may turn violent
  • Alert someone when you are traveling outside of your host community
  • Watch your food and drink closely while dining with others
  • If you drink, drink responsibly
  • Do not ride motorbikes
  • Do not hitchhike
  • Be aware of riptides and be safe while in the in water
  • Practice safe sex
  • Remember: you are not invincible

Related Resource Links

Related Resource Links:

Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP): Register before you go abroad to receive notifications related to health, safety, and security in your host country. U.S. Department of State USA Study Abroad: Travel health and safety resources, scholarship opportunities, travel alerts, and other information to help you plan your time abroad.

U.S. State Department Travel Information: Information related to passports, visas, travel alerts, country profiles and specific travel information, and emergency resources.

CDC (Center for Disease Control): Health, safety, travel alerts, and safety precautions for international travel.

United Health Care Student Resources: Create a login using your name and email address, which will match you to your policy. View your plan benefits and file a claim. Find doctors and hospitals, read health profiles by country, find international drug equivalents, and immunization information.