Energy Management

Energy Management on SUNY Cortland's campus has been established since 1951 when the Central Heating Plant was first opened. Over the years, Energy Management has taken on several different forms and areas of focus.  As the industry of Energy Management has become more sophisticated, so too has our approach to Energy Management, now, after 62 years of operation, the Central Heating Plant has been decommissioned and SUNY Cortland operates on a distributed heating system that services approximately 2.5 million square feet. 

All space on campus requires some level of energy management to address heating and cooling, and ventilation.  As an introduction to general policies for campus operations, please refer to our space temperature set point policy, which guides our energy use at a basic level. If you see an opportunity for greater efficiency, or if you are aware of energy being wasted, please let us know through the online work order system.  Thank you, we look forward to working with you.