Commemorative Gifts

SUNY Cortland’s Development Office provides donors and friends with an opportunity to honor or memorialize an individual with ties to the campus community through its Commemorative Gifts Program.

memorial gift is a meaningful way to remember or celebrate someone important to you. Memorial gifts keep the memory of your loved one alive and have lasting impact. Occasionally, memorial gifts are made in lieu of flowers at a funeral reception.

An honorary gift is a powerful way to express your love and make a difference. Honorary gifts can be made in honor of a birthday, anniversary or graduation, or just to thank a special friend.

Please allow for six months to process and install your gift, once the donation is fully paid.

For more information, please contact the Development Office at 607-753-5477.

Bike Racks $1,500


The donation includes the bike rack, plaque (8”x 4” placed in a concrete pad) labor and materials for concrete pad.

Trees $2,500

Trees available for purchase are as follows:

  • Red Maple
  • Serviceberry 
  • Star Magnolia
  • White Oak
  • Silver Linden

The donation includes the tree, plaque (8"x 4" placed at the base of the tree), shipping, labor and materials, including mulch and water, as well as on-going maintenance.

Bench $5,000

benchThe donation includes the bench, plaque (8"x 4" placed on the back of the bench), labor and materials, etc.

Picnic Tables $7,500

Picnic Table

Donors can choose one of two picnic table types. The donation includes the picnic table, plaque (8”x 4” placed in table center), labor and materials, etc.

ADA Picnic Table

Maintenance and Replacement

Commemorative gifts will be maintained for the useful life of the tree, bike rack, bench or picnic table. If a commemorative tree or item becomes unsightly due to disease, vandalism or other types of damage (SUNY Cortland reserves the right for aesthetic judgments) or if a tree or item needs to be removed or relocated due to unforeseen construction within 10 years of its donation, it will be replaced at no additional cost to the donor. After 10 years, the tree or items will not be replaced.