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First Transit

First Transit

SUNY Cortland’s transportation Office is happy to inform everyone that we have worked with First Transit, Cortland counties public transportation service, to offer three stops on campus, for riders who chose to utilize their services starting Monday, Jan. 27, 2020. 

The cost for any use is the regular fare ($1.50 for Routes 1-4 and $5 for Route 7) passengers will be able to hop aboard a First Transit bus from either of three stops:

  • The 281 Parking lot (just off the 281 entrance to campus)
  • The Park Center Bus Stop (just off Folmer Drive by park Center) and
  • The Corey Union Bus Stop (just off Prospect Terrace/Neubig Road closest to the Corey Union building).

For those unfamiliar with the transit system, Routes 1-4 depart the county office building every 45-minutes and Route 7, which goes to Cornell, leaves the County Office Building at 6:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. Bus schedule information.

SUNY Cortland's Corey Union bus stop is where passengers boarding Routes 6 and 7 (the Cornell run, which is a combined run in the A.M.) should wait. Passengers boarding the buses from SUNY Cortland should not flag down the bus from anywhere besides the three campus bus stops.

The route are as follows:

  • Route 2 will pull into the Route 281 Parking Lot bus stop and continue its loop toward the Tops supermarket plaza and then down Groton Avenue.
  • Route 4 will pull off Tompkins Street and stop at the Park Center Bus Stop on Folmer Drive, then continue its loop toward Walmart, Price Chopper and Aldi's.
  • Routes 6 and 7, which serve TC3 and Cornell and run past the SUNY Cortland campus library, will pull into the Corey Union bus stop.

We look for this to be the beginning of our work to find ways for our constituents and guests to be transported to campus.  For questions or concerns, call Mobility Manager Catherine Wilde at 607-756-4198 or Zachariah Newswanger at 607-753-5582.