Environmental Health and Safety

Welcome to the Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHS)

We support Cortland University’s mission by promoting a culture of safety, health, environmental protection, and emergency preparedness. Our clients include students, faculty, and staff, as well as the broader community and environment around us.

The challenges of providing these services requires us to operate as a true cross-functional team; finding creative ways to provide service excellence and ensure compliance with laws, regulations, and University policies. We strive to fully understand our clients, and to develop services specific to their needs in four primary areas – Buildings and Facilities, Laboratories, Emergency Services, and Project Support.

Core Values

We are committed to applying the highest professional practices and standards. On a day-to-day basis, we:

  • treat each other and members of the Cortland University’s diverse and multi-cultural community with professionalism, sensitivity and respect;
  • promote a trusting and honest workplace environment through teamwork and mutual support; and
  • create a workplace environment that encourages the development of professional and personal growth and integrity.

We will provide quality services to our customers by:

  • understanding their individual needs
  • recognizing and defining our roles and responsibilities, and
  • empowering and requiring accountability of our staff.

Environmental Health and Safety

Phone: 607-753-2508